Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bit of a disaster

Well, I tried the chocolate oat cakes (really biscuits). 
They weren't so easy to make as I expected, the mixture wouldn't come together and I had to add more milk that I expected.
When they came out and had cooled I tasted one and, oh dear, not nice.  Bitter.  So I went back to the recipe and realised that I'd misread and added rather more cocoa powder that I should have done.   Doh!

So I had another go, because I felt that it had potential.  this time i made half quantities (just in case) and also I went very non-ration and added some orange oil (choc'n'orange - yum).  Much easier to handle and this time rather nice.  Not too sweet but not bitter either and nice and crunchy.  So a success.

However, I had 25 unsuccessful cookies to deal with and I had an idea.  The recipe is rather similar to a crumble topping but with milk added.  So I zizzed all the cookies back down to a rough powder and have frozen it in small portions for crumble topping.  I can add extra sugar to counterbalance the bitterness, if  I want to, and I think it will work well.  if not, I'm no worse off, am I?  It might also go nicely in a yogurt or as an an ice cream topping.

We will see!

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