Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Good morning again.  I'm in a bit of a hurry so this might be quick.  On the other hand, you know me . . .

I've had a busy morning.  I managed to get the new 'spider' planning done for next half term and I also knocked together some draft planning for next week - no, the week after next.  Next week is half term, of course.  Yes, it is PPA this morning, but not only is my student coming in for her first visit, but also the teacher who will be my Friday cover after half term, Carly, who is just finishing maternity leave, so I'm really not sure how much time we will have for planning, Andrea and I, and I really want it done before half term so that I have a clean week.  Also, it's a mix of the last two years' planning because usually the first week is about firework safety and this year it is almost over, done and dusted by the time half term is over.  It was confusing enough with one person doing it - more than one would be a right muddle, I think.  So now I am hoping Andrea doesn't mind me acting so arbitrarily and that I'm not in the doghouse!

We did have fun yesterday, making teddy bear headdresses.  As always, it took a darn sight longer to do than I predicted, so we will carry on with them this afternoon.  The ones who made them yesterday wore them home and the look on the parents' faces was well worth seeing.  It was 'aaaaahhhhhhh' all round!

Must go . . . don't want to be late!

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