Saturday, 13 October 2012

Saturday morning

And it's finally the weekend!  After a very busy day yesterday I was vulnerable come the evening and had a mini-breakdown in the healthy eating (see other blog) but much more controlled than in the past.  And I'm back on track again now!

The three meetings were all very helpful: loads got done so they were well worth the time and effort.  I'm relieved, not because they were potentially any kind of problem, but because of how much was achieved.  It's quite a weight off my mind!

This morning I set to and finished off the home made baked beans.  Yesterday morning I put some cannellini beans in to soak and in the evening I boiled them until they were soft.  To be honest, I rather over cooked them, but never mind.
This morning I made a lovely, rich, tomato-ey sauce using the 'add and taste' method and then added the beans.  It's made eight single portions to enjoy with meat or on toast or a crumpet.  Scrummy!

Later on I am looking after Alex.  He likes my cooking, bless him, so I'm making a batch of muffins.  What he doesn't eat or take home, I will freeze for school lunches, etc.
Better go and get started then!

Sunset glow on the horizon.

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