Thursday 11 March 2021


 Good morning!  It is truly wet and horrible out there today.  The heating is up and I'm keeping the curtains closed for a while longer.  Beeb says that we should get sun between the showers this morning - it's a bit hard to tell right now so my fingers are crossed that they are right.  I have an unfinished task down the allotment and would like to get that completed.  

Yesterday went according to plan.  I got the important email written and sent off and feel an awful lot better and easier in my mind now.  I've had a positive response so that's all to the good.

Although the picture was a bit 'wavery' and the sound wasn't great, a number of people managed to access J's funeral yesterday morning.  They hadn't been sure because it was an old church, poor internet connection, etc, but I was so glad to be there.  I had a little chat with Dad afterwards - he was OK.

Personal Training was great.  Each week Lindsey pushes me a bit more and every five weeks we have a discussion about where we should go in the next block.  Next week is week five so I need to have a think.  It won't be long before L is able to hold these sessions in her garden and then, eventually in her new inside gym.  They move house a week tomorrow after five months plus of on/off that has been very hard to cope with at times, bless her.  That's the trouble with finding your perfect house - you start investing in it right away.  It's been a rocky road and I'm so glad it's nearly over.

Then it was my weekly chat with Val which is always lovely and this week is no exception.  I always think that, in this quiet life we now live, it is great that we manage to find enough to keep us talking solidly for a good hour plus!
We are old friends so I guess that helps and, certainly, our chat is a highlight of my week.
Before lockdown, we were meeting up once a month.  I wonder if that will resume or whether it will become more often.  She lives about half an hour or less away (depending on traffic) so it is do-able.

The rest of the day was spent the usual way as the rain kept on and the winds grew stronger.

Today is, again, the same every week.  A chat with Chris first.  As she lives just over the cul de sac, we could chat (online) and wave through our front windows (we don't).  Last summer we met f2f weekly so I guess that will continue, weather permitting.  I'm fortunate in my friends, I really am.

Early evening it is the usual Slimming World Zoom meeting.  I do enjoy these.  We have lots of laughs as well as sharing hits and tips.  I always look forward to them.

I'll be spending a lot of time at home today and I thing I need to go through some of my clothes to see what I really am not likely to wear in the future.  It's an ongoing process really because I'm always a bit soft hearted and keep things that, really, don't need keeping.  I'm not sure why, I'm just soft, I think.
Maybe I will, maybe I won't.  We will see.

I hope the weather isn't too bad your way and that you have had no wind damage.  Take care, have a great day and continue to be safe.  xx


  1. Good morning Joy! I've just been enjoying a catch up. Your blanket is looking lovely and your allotment is coming on a treat. Our blue sky days were also rudely interrupted by wet and windy weather but looking out of the window it appears to be much calmer today.
    It's quite incredible how we've all managed to become used to the adjustments to our lives over the last twelves months and it's a blessing we can manage to keep in touch using technology, but I hope it won't be long before we see a return to how things used to be, as much as is possible. X

    1. It's still gusting strongly here but the rain seems to have cleared which is good.
      I'm hoping that there's a fair bit we have learned and experienced over the last year that we can take on into the new 'normal'. Like really noticing and appreciating the smaller things in life, online contact with friends and loved ones, etc.

  2. Good morning Joy. The weather is a bit windy here today but nothing to write home about. It did lash with rain last night though so hopefully that is all we will get.

    1. Fingers crossed. The sun has just broken through here which is great. Long may it last!

  3. We still have the winds and rain. It kept me awake most of the night and is still battering the house this morning. I do hope it gets tired soon and gives up!

    Hope you have a good day. xx

  4. It's most unpleasant, isn't it. Hoping it will clear for you soon. At least the winds are having a drying effect.

  5. The winds are starting to die down here although still a bit blustery. I shall potter in the greenhouse today x.

    1. That's a very good idea. Nice and sheltered!

  6. 400 miles down 600 to go
    Don’t mind sharing driving with daughter for 31 st move
    Getting gas and one food stop takeout
    People not masking in Tennessee
    Hope Georgia and Florida better
    A month plus since second vaccination but family has not been
    Son pulled trailer of my few things
    He had purchased a condo for me and we will get it ready
    I am a minimalist

    Have good day in garden
    I am way too old for that lol

  7. No rain here. It’s getting warmer.
    Hope you had a good day, Joy!

  8. Phew, that's a l-o-n-g journey, Brenda. Stay safe! xx