Thursday 25 March 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  There's more sun this morning and the sky is lovely and clear.  Great promise for the day to come.

Thank you for your kind comments yesterday.  I did, indeed, take care and look after myself and, if sleep is anything to go by, I'm doing OK.  On Tuesday evening I went to bed before eight and was straight to sleep.  I woke up around six, I think, yesterday, had a sleep in the morning before Beth arrived, had a sleep in the afternoon (about an hour and a half, said Beth), went to bed early again, slept solidly through the night and woke around half six-ish.  I haven't slept so well for ages!  This morning the throat is much better and there are virtually no aches.  Definitely on the mend.

Beth came round yesterday.  I helped her  sort out the stuff in what was her office in the morning, making decisions about what to keep, what to donate and what to chuck.  What's being kept is pretty much collectively owned so we can both go at it - lots of thread and other general haberdashery, some useful lengths of fabric, etc.

Beth posted on Facebook asking if friends were interested in a package of 18" doll clothes and accessories (free) and got plenty of response, so tomorrow she will be sorting that stuff into parcels to send out.  The intention was to donate all that side of stock to school fairs but they are just not happening and neither of us are keen on holding on to stuff until they are happening again.
The rubbish is all bagged up and will go into the bin as soon as possible.  My bin is almost full and they don't collect until this week so I must keep some space for my own rubbish.  Beth's bins are collected on Friday so, hopefully, she will be able to dump most of the bags then.  At the moment they are all in the garage!

Also in the garage are (or will be) the donate things.  What's left once the doll stuff has been posted out will go to charity shops when they open and, at the moment, it's all in the garage too, or still upstairs.  I had flagged and Beth's back was playing up so today, each time I go upstairs, I will come down again with another donation box and get it into the garage.  By the end of today, they should all be out of the house.

Today, I intend taking the morning easy.  It's such a nice day that I will do some washing and get it pegged on the line and the kitchen is a bit of a mess.
This afternoon, I am meeting Jeff at the allotment (allowed) so he can have a good look at the shed and say what needs repairing and, maybe, how much.

In the evening it is the Slimming World meeting.  I'm not going to weigh this week, which is fine and allowed. 

So that's me and my day.  What does yours look like?
Take care and be safe.  xx


  1. All that sleep was obviously needed and it's good to hear that you are feeling better today.

    I'm pottering in the garden this morning, then an Indian cooking demo followed by garden planning and dreaming this afternoon.

    I hope you have a good day xx

  2. Very good to hear you are feeling better. A couple of good night's sleep does work miracles. If you still have a sore throat hot honey and lemon will help and as a plus it is good for the rest of you too :-) My doctor always told me to gargle with salty water which does help. I so like my doctor she always offers home/natural remedies when possible as she knows I detest taking any medicine at all. My day...a nice long walk in the sun and get into a bit more Family History; filling in data. I have neglected that recently. enjoy your day Amanda x

  3. Good to hear you're feeling better, a good sleep makes the world of difference doesn't it.

    I've been giving all my sorted out stuff away on Trash Nothing for the last few weeks, yesterday for example a lady came and picked up eight white plates for her daughter from my doorstep, it's really easy and very satisfying to get things to the people that actually need them in your area and make space in your home.

  4. You must have really needed that sleep - glad it's worked so you feel better

  5. So glad you are getting plenty of sleep I have now set my alarm for 10 pm and everything gets switched off and I settle down. I now understand just how important this is especially for our immune systems.

  6. I realize I'm writing this late in the day for you but my day has been busy. I enjoyed a flute lesson and tutored a student online and did some laundry and reading. I'm enjoying a pleasant evening right now. Hope you have another great night of sleep!

  7. Glad you're feeling better! Sounds like some good rest was needed.

  8. I am happy you are feeling better.

    I just worked on projects and spent time cleaning up Kris's room that he uses when at home. I put the pantry things away from yesterday and now getting caught up visiting everyone.

    God bless.

  9. Thank you, everyone. I do feel considerably better this morning, a great relief.