Monday 7 September 2020


Good morning, everyone.  Thank you for your lovely messages about Mum and Dad's 'book'.  We are indeed a fortunate family to have this treasure to read and to keep their memories alive.

I finished the editing yesterday morning, Dad made the changes and, on reading through, found there were more changes he wanted to make.  I suspect it has always been thus and there must be a point at which the author says 'enough's enough!'.  He has decided not to add any more material because, as he says, what he would have added is as much part of my story, or the boys' stories, if we should want to add to it.

John's down next weekend so I guess he will go through the same process with it.  And I might, just might possibly enquire about the cost of self publication.  Dad isn't keen but that's because he doesn't want the hassle, I think.

At the moment, I'm quite keen on continuing the story although, goodness knows, I'm no writer and, already, I'm not sure how to organise things.  Life isn't a series of neat, tidy strands running either parallel or consecutive to each other, it's a great big, tangled mish-mash of events and developments within the obvious basic age time-line.  Actually, I suppose the time line is the place to start and, when Dad lets me have a copy, I might try to do a time line for us all rather than just me.

I'm back off home this morning.  When I get there, there's the usual unpacking and getting washing into the machine, having some breakfast and checking over today's tuition planning before hopping off down to the allotment to do some work.  Today I will be happy if I clear the baby corn bed and the two small raised beds - tasks that should be perfectly achievable within the time I have.  I need to be back by 2:30 so I can wash, brush up and change, not because of tuition but because immediately afterwards Beth and Alex are picking me up and we're off to the Hare for our first meal out together since March.  Last March we had a family meal at the Blue Strawberry to celebrate Dave's birthday; the virus was looming by then and I did feel slightly uncomfortable in such a crowded environment.  No one came to any harm though and the following week lock-down started which put paid to any more gallivanting.

So that's today.  It should be a good and productive day, fingers crossed.  Now I need to go and check the Hare's menu so I don't dither for ages before making any choices.
Have a lovely Monday, whatever you do and stay safe.  xx


  1. You most certainly are a writer, Joy! I love your chatty, friendly style of blog writing, it's like having a chat with a friend over coffee. Enjoy your meal out and time with Beth and Alex. Xx

  2. Hope you have a lovely meal out later

  3. I second Sooze's response, you definitely are a writer and perfect for the anecdotal stuff too, after all that is what future generations want to read about because they will be interested in the people and their lives so they can connect to their ancestors.

  4. Your 'voice' definitely comes through in your writing and you'll be leaving something for future generations to treasure. Go for it!

    I hope you have a lovely meal tonight xx

  5. Thank you very much, everyone - what lovely, encouraging people you are.

  6. Love the book idea. I have kept a journal since teen years...I also started writing a newspaper column in 1999...quit for a few years and then started again. I used hundreds of them for Master's Project in I just stuff them in a notebook. Have been asked to put them together for a book...just not into that...glad you are enjoying yours...your dad-great project for him also...have good good day.

  7. I agree with the above - I really enjoy your writing so I think you would definitely contribute something great. I have a similar document written by my grandfather years before he died, and edited by my father, and it's very precious to us