Wednesday 25 September 2019


Good morning.  After going straight off to sleep last night, I woke at half past two and can't get back to sleep so I'm up and doing.  It's a really dark night, street lights are off, the rechargeable lights in the garden didn't get much power yesterday so are almost out and I can't tell what the weather is like except that it's cloudy! I daresay I will feel tired later but have to be up and dressed by seven thirty because Jeff is coming to garden.  Grrrrr.

In my interest in parkrun, I had totally forgotten about Heart and Sole, the local health walks thingy, until the new timetable pinged through my mailbox yesterday.  I do intend to get involved in that too and will investigate some of the walks - much less intense than parkrun and definitely walks, not runs!

Swimming was great yesterday.  I seem to have clicked with the aqua now, I've got the pattern and the rhythm and felt I'd really worked.

Apart from that, it was a gentle day.

Today starts with Jeff, weather permitting.  Then I intend taking the long way round to Morrisons to get a few things before arriving home and starting on housework.  I made a note to myself yesterday.  Get beds ready and do washing.
That's because this weekend, instead of me going to Dad's, he's coming to me, so I need to make sure the guest room is ready and tidy.  At the moment, it has the quilts, wadding, etc, all laid out on one of the beds so that will have to be sorted out, and the hanging space is full of Mum's coats, so some of them will need to be moved.  Actually, probably some needs to come downstairs soon anyway.

The washing basket is pretty full so that needs sorting too.

Apart from Jeff, there's nothing else in the diary so it's a perfect opportunity to get a few things sorted out.  Good.

And I daresay I will fall asleep at some point too!  :-)

Have a great day.  I'm off to make a strong coffee!  xx


  1. 2.30am sounds MUCH to early to be up. Hope you get everything done before you fall asleep tonight!

    1. It was a bit too early but the usuial strategies didn't work and I hate tossing and turning. I'd much rather be doing something. I guess I will doze later on.
      At least the washing is well under way!

  2. I have been sleeping much better of late but I do know exactly what you mean. I now put myself down for a nap like a baby after lunch and some times I doze and sometimes not but I do feel I catch up a bit when I need to. Hope you have a nice snooze later

    1. Thanks, Diane. I'm sure I will and right now I feel pretty bright and breezy. xx