Thursday 26 September 2019


Good morning!  Well, summer really has left the room and closed the door behind her, hasn't she?  We had rain yesterday, rain overnight, and it looks as if it's still raining a little bit as far as I can tell.  Dad and I had planned a trip to Hyde Hall tomorrow but it's just too uncertain.  In past times we'd have wrapped up and gone, but there's no way he could dash for shelter nowadays so we'll do it another time.  After all, Hyde Hall won't go away, will it?

Yesterday turned out busier than expected, one way and another.  Jeff, bless him, turned up despite the rain and dodged the raindrops.  Fortunately, it cleared up for a while and he dismantled the runner beans which were well and truly over.  The tomatoes are still giving and giving although, with all the damp weather, I keep getting blight warnings so how long they will last is anyone's guess.  I need to look over the cucumbers carefully; there's one more nearly ready to pick but all the little ones seem to be going nowhere much.  Too little sun and light, I expect.

However, the raspberries keep giving but just a few at a time.   Next year, I need to get into the habit of popping them in the freezer instead of scoffing them straight off the plant!  A few jars of yellow raspberry jam would be wonderful!

When Jeff had left, I decided to pop over the other side of town, first of all to Aldi and then to the nearby Tesco for anything Aldi didn't have (there's sometimes a few things).  I had a list but went off track a bit - nothing too wasteful though.

Once home, I unpacked and put away, sorted out a load of washing and then started making a nice big batch of savoury mince with the 5% pork mince and beef mince I got.  The beef was cheap in Aldi and the pork was cheap in Tesco and I do like them both in a dish.  This is where the slow cooker aspect of the Instant Pot comes into its own and before long the house was smelling wonderful!

I did some exercise stuff and then Beth turned up so we had a chat and then, shame on me, I fell asleep!  Well, I did have a very early start to the day.

Later on, I followed up on the Heart and Sole info and have decided to go on a walk on Monday morning, weather permitting.  I can get to the starting point on the bus as it's only a short walk from the bus stop and it's about time I put on my walking shoes again!  It's along Riverside, an area along the river in the middle of town and really quite nice.  It's a mile and a half so very manageable, should take around thirty minutes to complete and the bumph says:
"This route follows surfaced paths through the open green space of the River Chelmer valley where we pass through the local nature reserve."
Sounds nice, doesn't it?  Not too muddy either.

Given that my gym is over the road from the meeting point for this walk, I have cottoned onto the fact that I could get the bus to the gym too, except for very early morning swims (can't use the bus pass until after nine on weekdays).  This is good news, especially nearer Christmas, when parking is rarer than hens' teeth around there.

Today looks busier but I bet it isn't really.

This morning I have to sort out that bedroom that didn't get done yesterday, continue with the washing, do some ironing and some tidying up before I get going with a bit of planning for tuition.  By lunchtime, I want the house to be ready for Dad's arrival tomorrow morning.

I'm off to Lindsey's over lunchtime for my personal training and I need to remember to ask her about running shoes. (don't laugh!)

After a short tuition session, I will be getting ready for SW group.  It's 'party week' this week - SW is fifty years old and celebrations are in order.  After a lot of dithering, I have decided to play safe with my tester and take in some of that mince with some pasta and some grated cheese to sprinkle over the top.  I know that will taste good and I can keep the mince and the pasta warm in flasks until it's time to eat.

So a busy day but an enjoyable one, even if the weather doesn't play ball.  I hope yours is the same.  xx


  1. Sounds like a nicely planned day I hope it all goes according to that plan

    1. Thanks, me too! The bedroom is done and the washing is on its way to being done, so that's good.