Monday 23 September 2019


Good morning!  It's dull and gloomy but dry (for now) and at least I didn't need to water the plants yesterday.  Surprisingly, the tomatoes, cucumbers, raspberres and chillies are still reproducing and I'm talking to them very nicely indeed, just to keep them on side!

I had an idea about getting used to a bit of jogging.  I'm at Center Parcs in under a fortnight and I always have an early morning walk, taking the 'scenic route' (ie, the longer way) to the shop to get supplies for the day.  I could use that time, before anyone is out and about (apart from the morning runners), to try to jog a little bit, couldn't I?  I'll be careful!

On to yesterday - the swim was lovely and the spa afterwards was gorgeously hot and bubbly.  I still felt pretty stiff through yesterday but this morning things are absolutely fine, even the ankle, so three cheers for that!

Later on, Beth came round and we had a mega card making session together, based on some Christmas fabrics we have in store, although Beth also made some padded cat cards and some birthday cards with some toppers she found in a box and which she bought for her 30th birthday party  invites a decade ago now!
That, interrupted by lunch, kept us going all afternoon, any by the end we had loads of cards that didn't cost much to make so will be quite reasonable to buy are whatever fairs Beth goes to.
I've just been up to see if I can photo them but I think she must have taken them with her when she left.  Never mind.

After that, I knitted, read and watched telly.  It was a really nice day.

This morning, I have nothing scheduled until tuition, so it's another easy day.  I will do my exercise for the day and then settle down to clearing another cupboard in the kitchen, I think.  It's brightening up a bit now so maybe the sun will come out in a while.

Have a good day, everyone.  xx


  1. Have you thought about doing the Couch to 5K? A friend has done this, although she kept repeating weeks until she felt ready to move on in the plan so took longer to achieve the 5K, but sings it's praises and now jogs regularly.

    1. That sounds interesting. I'll look it up, thanks. I presume all info is on the internet.
      (I still can't believe this is me talking - the old me would have fainted at the very thought)

    2. Yes, it's all online and I think there is an app as well. Good luck if you decide to do it.

    3. Unfortunately, it's podcasts which I don't think would work with my poor hearing/wearing of hearing aids. What a shame.

  2. If you look, you can read the routine in print - obviously it might not be as motivational as a podcast, but the recommended times and distances are all set out. It begins with brisk walking and then jogging for just 90 seconds. I have a friend who did it, and she said she was struggling even with a 90-second jog to begin with. She followed the plan and now runs 5k regularly. It’s definitely worth a try, I keep meaning to download it myself

  3. Scroll down past the podcasts for the routine in print