Tuesday 2 April 2019

Tuesday and March's targets

Good morning.   Wasn't yesterday a gorgeous day?  It was here; wall to wall sunshine although not terribly warm in great contrast to today's predcted weather which is rain, drizzle, more rain.  No allotment today then.

I have to say, it is very pleasant to be home.  I love my home.  It's my safe space, my bolt hole and I've missed it.  I can now get right back down to healthy and controlled eating again without lots of temptations around.

When I got home yesterday Beth was at mine and helped me carry in the bags of clothes, etc, and to go through them.  There was some stuff for her as well.  Later on, while she was still there, Dave and Anna came round and we had a good talk which was lovely.
Later on, I was so zonked that I fell asleep quickly and had a reasonable night's sleep, much needed.

Today is quite busy but not complicated.  I will go to Sainsbury's early-ish and then to pick up a parcel from the parcels office.  After lunch the lovely Sharon is coming round to do my hair and never was a hair appointment more needed!  I feel so messy and scruffy at the moment.
Then I have one tuition session.  I'm looking forward to that.

So there's enough going on today to keep me busy but it's not too hectic.  And it is the final of the Sewing Bee this evening.

At the beginning of March, inspired by one of the Sues whose blogs I follow and enjoy reading so much, I set some targets for March.  It's time to review them.

1.  Be about half a stone lighter than I am now by continuing to follow the Slimming World plan and going to group each week (and staying for the whole session)
Well, I was on track for this one but recent events have caused this to go right belly-up.   I don't know what the bad news is yet and won't until Thursday, but I'm on the right track again now.  Stuff happens sometimes and Real Life gets in the way - or maybe I mean my reaction to Real Life stuff.
However, I have gone to group and I have stayed for the whole session each time, even though I missed the last session.

2.  Use up lots of the home made 'ready meals' currently clogging up my freezer. 
This has gone well, even though more than half the month has not been spent at home.  There's a long way to go but I'm getting there with this one, slowly, using up not only the ready meal stuff but also other frozen food as well.  And a positive is that I really haven't spent an awful lot on food this month, as I've not been at home so much as well as the freezer challenge.

3.  Have sorted out all the books in the newly named sewing room and appropriately disposed of many of them. 
I've started.  That's all I can say really.  Better than not starting at all.  There's a stack of books waiting to go to the hospice shop and my paper recycling bag is now empty so I can start refilling it.  All good.

4.  Put all the sewing stuff on the shelves vacated by the books. 
Beth's done most of this, bless her.  Much appreciated.  I need to keep clearing shelf space though as she needs more shelf space.

5.  Linked with 4, track down a couple of second hand 'Billy' shelf units as there's now room for them in the sewing room. 
Yes!  At least I've achieved one target.  Beth tracked them down and she and I went across town to pick them up.  £30 for two units was great value and they've made a huge difference.

6.  Resume swimming. 
I did start, honest, but Real Life got in the way.

7.  And finally, to have started acquiring my summer wardrobe 
Yes, done that.  I also have some clothes from my Mum's wardrobe, some for summer and some for winter.
I have enough lovely winter coats to last a lifetime, I reckon, some shirts, some skirts, a dress, three jackets . . .

New (or reset) targets tomorrow!



  1. I'm glad you feel so good about your home, Joy - I feel the same way. You've done remarkably well with your targets, despite Real Life. It's good to have purpose, especially when life smacks you round the face. Enjoy your Mum's clothes, you'll think of her every time you wear them and she'd have been so happy for you to have and wear them. xx

    1. Thank you so much. I totally agree - having something to aim for, however small it is in the wider scheme of things, can be a real booster.