Friday 12 April 2019


Good morning and apologies for the lateness of this.  I managed to get all my other social media stuff posted but not this one.

It's a bit of a dull old day today but not raining so let's be grateful for small mercies. 

At weigh in yesterday, I found I had maintained which was a relief.  Things are quite upsy-downsy at the moment and will probably continue to be until after the funeral when I'm hoping to get things back on an even keel again.

Earlier this morning, I went round to a neighbour for coffee and a good natter which was nice.  The rest of the day has nothing definite planned but I must hang out the washing and look up a menu online.

That's because tomorrow we are having a family meal with my brother and family and we're off to the Blue Strawberry Bistrot, a very nice place I haven't been to for ages now.  It should be fun!

Well, I'd better stir my stumps and sort out the washing or it won't get dried.  I'll try to be back at the right time tomorrow. 


  1. Have a lovely family meal, Joy - the menu looks good, varied and delicious. As for posting - there's no right time, post when you like (or not!), we'll read as and when you're ready to post.

  2. Well done on maintaining this week, that’s a good result at such a stressful time. The menu for tomorrow is very enticing, hope you have a lovely time with your family. xx

  3. I've recently found your blog and am enjoying so much reading your day to day life! I love blogs like this. I am a huge fan of Miss Read books about English village life and your writing reminds me of her books. I'm sorry for the loss of your Mother. I know that is difficult. I hope you enjoy your weekend with family!

  4. Hope you have a lovely family meal out tomorrow

  5. The restaurant and the menu both look very nice. Enjoy your meal out with family!