Monday 1 April 2019


"How lucky I am to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard."
(Piglet to Pooh Bear)

Beth sent this in an email to Dad yesterday and it made such an impact on me I had to Google it.  Isn't it lovely? 

Thank you, thank you so very much for all the lovely comments yesterday.  Some I answered more than others but, in truth, every single comment was appreciated and made a hard day a bit easier, like a supportive hug.  So thank you to every one of you.

Yesterday was a weird day.  Lack of sleep didn't help but the difference between knowing that Mum would never be able to come home again (Dad would not have been able to care for her) and finally believing that she won't is a very wide gulf that we both had to leap over.  In the morning, we both stumbled in our own ways when landing, but picked ourselves up and kept busy.

Dad did some communicating while I started sorting some of Mum's things out (with his agreement, obviously).  It was hard but it means Dad won't have to do so much.  As agreed several weeks ago, I was able to find some clothes that I will be able to use.  The rest will be offered to various other close friends and what is left will go to the local charity shop.  In due course, of course.

I'm coming home today.  I'll leave it until the afternoon but Dad will be busy with the legalities and practicalities of a death and wants to do them himself.  The hospital gave us a very informative and helpful information booklet so he knows just what to do and where to do it.  I'll finish off the last bit of washing and ironing and he has plenty of food, etc.  Beth should be there when I get home, which will be lovely.

Thank you again, everyone, and I will finish with something I usually start with:
A pinch and a punch
For the first of the month
White Rabbits!

But no April Fooling for me today!


  1. I'm not sure I've commented before now but I've recently started reading your blog. My dad is at the end of his life and is currently very poorly in hospital so your recent posts have resonated with me. I was very sorry to read this morning that your mum passed away please accept my condolences. I love that Pooh quote you used it is very appropriate I think. Take care. x

  2. What a lovely quote for Beth to make to your Dad, he must have been so touched. This is something you and your Dad have had to face the possibility of for so long, but the reality of your Mum passing and doing what needs to be done now is still hard. Well done to you both on beginning the daunting task of going through your Mum's things, and all the official stuff that needs doing. Take care driving home, Joy. Sending hugs xx

  3. Joy the worst is over but there is still plenty to come and your Dad is going to need you by his side so please take a moment to care for yourself get some sleep and put the trivia on the back burner. There will be good days and bad days but we are all here for you. I feel helpless as I know there is nothing I can do to help but I do know that kind words are a comfort, I had plenty when I went through a family death and they did help.

  4. Keeping busy during stressful/painful times helps. It doesn't take it away but at least you feel you've achieved something when everything else is out of your control. Huge hugs to you and your Dad at this sad time xxx

  5. Hi Joy Just catching up with your news now I am back home again and what sad news to hear of your mum. The Pooh quote is just perfect - mums (and dads) are so precious - I know how much you must be missing her already.
    Sending you lots of love and hugs - your dad will appreciate all the support you have given him and are continuing to give him now. xx

  6. The quote is perfect. Sending you love and hugs as you come to terms with your loss. From my own experience my advise is to take as much time as you need to grieve ... there is no set period, it's whatever is right for you. xxx

  7. It's a super quote, isn't it?
    Thank you yet again, everyone, for helping the day along with your lovely comments.

  8. So sorry to read about your mum, Joy. A sad irony that it was mother's day. Good that you can be around to support your dad.

  9. So sorry Joy, at least she is at peace.
    Please tell your Dad to let you know when he is ready to sort things, my Grandpa wasn't ready for about 6 months.They had been together since teenagers and he just had to get used to being alone gradually...grief takes time.
    Take care of yourself.