Wednesday 4 May 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.

After a dull start, the sun really got going and we had a really pleasant day yesterday, although not as warm as Sunday was.  The mornings and evenings are still fairly chilly round here and I was glad of the central heating yesterday.  BBC weather tells me that it's going to be a lovely day today.

After a nice morning in school, I came home and worked on finances.  The last several months have been erratic as far as finances are concerned - not bad-erratic, just erratic, but now things have settled down, the one day a week teaching contract has stopped and there's very little supply going so 'I will have order!' (I've been watching the Harry Potter DVDs!).
Anyway, I got everything onto some tables on Word and now I know exactly where I am.  I MUST learn how to use Excel - it would make life a lot easier!

In the olden days, when things were rather tight and almost every penny had to be watched, I used to use a piece of software called Quicken to keep track of my finances.  It was really good and it occurs to me that there might be something similar around now.  In fact, there's got to be, hasn't there?  I might take a little look around and see.

When I got home there was a note to say that a parcel had been left in the back garden by the hose.  I suspect that meant they lobbed it over the fence so thank goodness it was yarn!  I am glad it arrived because now I can carry on with my 'virus shawl' (such a strange name!).

Beth came over for a chat and to leave a box of things for Sunday and then I lost patience with my middle flower bed and attacked the dying bulb leaves with a pair of scissors.  I shall finish it off today because what I've done looks so much neater and I can see where I can plant some perennials I bought last year and which have survived in pots ever since.

Since I decided last year to get rid of the crocosmia lucifer from that bed, of course it has been making its presence known by sending up new shoots by the million.  Every day I go out and pull them up.  It'll take years to completely clear the bed but never mind, it's hardly a difficult job.  That sort of gardening is really very pleasant.

Once all that's done, really all that is needed is a tidy up.  There's bits and bobs all over the place and they need to be put away properly.  Then it will be a pleasure to look at.  It won't be long before the mornings are warmer and I will be able to have a leisurely breakfast in my garden chair.  Bliss.  I've always enjoyed doing that in the school holidays: now I can do it in the hottest times of the year, which tend to be June/July, as well.

I have a meeting in school today, wearing my governor's hat but apart from that the day is clear.  I shall make some biscuits for a meeting tomorrow here at Teacher's Retreat and do some tidying up and dusting, etc.  There's also a bit of ironing.  After that the sewing and the crochet will be calling!

I think I am getting used to this retirement lark!

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