Monday, 30 May 2016


Bank Holiday Monday.  Rain, queues, tailbacks, barbies smoking us out of house and home . . . oh, what fun!  As often happens, it is too early to tell how the day will be but it is cloudy, there's quite a stiff breeze and I have not opened the windows to air the house as the heating would likely click on!

It's stupid o'clock again and I have already stripped the bed, put the sheets in to wash and made a batch of bread which is now rising.  When I was working I used to get mighty frustrated at waking quite so early at times but now, when I can't blame work pressures, unfinished stuff, the need to go over the day's lessons, polish resources, etc, I am slowly accepting that it's just me and I try to make hay while I can, so to speak.  Going to bed later doesn't seem to make a huge difference but it isn't a problem.

Yesterday became the perfect drying day when the clouds lifted and the sun came out.  There was a fresh breeze and I managed to get four loads washed, dried outside and - wait for it - ironed!  Amazing!  I love pegging the washing out and bringing it again smelling of sunshine and breeze.  It's still a novelty after so many decades of squashing it all into a weekend that probably wasn't helpful weather anyway.  I now use my indoor rack mostly for airing, rarely for drying.  Looking at the way the wind is tossing the leaves on next door's tree, I shouldn't have any problems with drying today either (unless it rains, of course).

Beth didn't come round for lunch yesterday but Alex did.  It's lovely when your young adult grandson chooses to come round and share a meal with his old nan, isn't it?  He didn't leave much either: just a little bit of salad which I will have today or tomorrow.  I drove him home and stayed to have a chat with Beth and say hi to her cats.

As for today - goodness knows.  I won't be going out anyway, that's for sure.  Everywhere will be packed.  I will likely sew and knit, I think, and do a fair amount of social media stuff.  I don't even have to plan ahead for the tutoring sessions on Thursday as we're not having it this coming week, not that that's any kind of problem.

I'm very proud of Beth - she's finished and submitted her last level 3 assignment.  All she needs now is a few level 1 points so she can really pick and choose what she wants to do.  This last one has been the biggie and her final degree classification rests on the outcome so she's worked so, so hard over it.  My fingers are now crossed and hers are probably tied in knots!

Today's grub plans.
B:  bran flakes with raisins, natural yogurt, grapes
L:  chicken, salad and balsamic dressing
D:  cottage pie with a sweet potato topping, broccoli, a sort of yogurt blueberry Eton mess.


  1. It's scorching hot sunshine here. I managed to cobble together a dark wash including the new toy pram cover. It's almost finished n then I'll peg out. It makes a change from rainy weather like it almost always is. I'm sat quietly watching my birds feast. Mr n Mrs Blackbird are just helping themselves to the out of date raspberry porridge I just put out. I'm glad you'd a lovely time with Alex X

  2. It's really chilly here. I have my shawl on and am considering snuggling under the owly fleece for a while. I refuse to turn the heating on in May! :-) I'm glad it's nice your way.
    J x

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