Monday 16 May 2016


I'm a bit late today.  It's a glorious morning, I have nothing scheduled apart from homey bits and bobs (including a messy living room and kitchen) in preparation for the arrival of a guest.

Yesterday was similar.  I did get some sewing done and this rather poor photo is what I made.  It is not finished as I want to embellish it with something (any suggestions?) but I'm pleased with it all the same.  

I also did some crochet and slept some of the afternoon away which was all very pleasant.

Today can be another lazy day.  Some sewing, some housework, some baking and so on.  It can be a good life, this getting old thing!

Here's a few not terribly good photos of the craft stall.  The light was bad - that's my excuse anyway.
Kitty Stitches kits for kids!

I ended up buying this myself!  :-)

Have a great day, everyone..

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