Tuesday, 31 May 2016


My bloggy friend, Rachel, did a mega Q and A thing on her blog so, for a bit of self indulgence, I've copied and pasted, deleted her answers and put in my own.

Here we go.

Weight Watchers or Slimming World?
Neither, thank you. They don't work consistently - they can't possibly or they'd be out of business by now.   I'd sooner use my money on something with a bit more return/result.

Chocolate: Milk or Dark?
Neither.  Chocolate isn't my besetting sin.  Now, if you'd asked plain, salt and vinegar or smoky bacon . . . or stilton, brie or a good strong cheddar . . .

Prosecco: Overrated, overpriced fizz or new favourite tipple?
Yes, please.
I love bubbly things whether it be soap, people or drink.

Gerard Butler or Tom Hardy?

New James Bond: Idris Elba or Tom Hiddleston?
Not my thing so I have no opinion.  They should have stopped when they ran out of books!  Ir even better, when Sean Connery stopped playing the part.

Holidaying abroad or in the UK?
In the UK, every time.  There are so many lovely places and everyone drives on the correct side of the road.
Actually, I would like to holiday a bit further afield at some point, but not on my own.

Farm shop or Supermarket?
Supermarket because it's close by and farm shops can be very pricey.  Actually, I don't know of a farm shop close by.  There must be one, surely?  I must google and see.
(Later:  I Googled and, of course, Lathcoats Farm is a farm shop as well as a PYO - and I love their apples!)

Europe: Are you an Inny or an Outty?!
Not saying, so there.  The issue causes enough rows between people as it is.  I ain't adding my two penn'orth to the anger.

Favourite month? 
Well -  it used to be December because I loved all the school celebrations but now - April/May perhaps, because the world around me springs into life again, I'm not really sure.  I seem to be happy most of the year round and every month has its own characteristic beauty.

What is your favourite meal?

Do I have to choose just one?  I honestly don't have just one favourite.  I like such a lot.  I guess it takes a lot to beat a really well cooked fish and chips.

Do you have a party piece? If so, what can you do?
Not really and if I did I wouldn't be likely to do it at a party!

Do you sing in or out of tune? 
I sing a little bit flat nowadays.  I do have good pitch and musical dictation used to be one of my fave things at school, sad person that I am!
I used to sing OK and loved choral singing.

What was your 'best bit' today?
Waking up?
It's too early to say really.

What was your last 'good turn'?
Another one I'm not saying . . .  :-)  I prefer my good deeds to be done in private really.

Are you social or anti-social?
Not sure what that actually means.  I am shy and don't like crowds too much.  I prefer to be with one or two people.  I'm happy with my own company and need time to my self very regularly.  Does that make me anti-social or just socially-neutral?  Or just someone for whom hearing issues has social impact?
On the other hand I hate rocking the boat so maybe that makes me social?

What is your most annoying habit?
You need to ask someone else that, not me.  I'm sure I have loads but they obviously don't annoy me or I wouldn't do them.

What is your least favourite food?
I'm not keen on shellfish of any kind and the thought of eating snails makes me feel sick.  I hate pickled onions.  Apart from that, tI like most things - unfortunately.

Dieting or not dieting? 
The problem with 'dieting' is that it is something you 'go on' and, by implication you then 'go off' again.  I prefer healthy, balanced eating to dieting.
I ought to live up to my beliefs then, oughtn't I?

Name one form of relaxation that you enjoy.
Reading, sewing, knitting, crochet, other crafting, watching telly . . . oh, it said 'one'!  Well, any of those, take your pick!

How many different homes have you lived in?
Er . . . counts on fingers . . . eleven - no, twelve!  That sounds an awful lot but some were very short stay, especially around the college, first job era.
I've lived in this home for over 30 years now though, nearly half as long as I have lived.

The first record/CD you can remember buying?
An LP of Carmen.  It was beautiful and I more or less wore it out.  My second was highlights from Swan Lake.  That was beautiful too.  I still have them somewhere.

3. A memorable holiday in this country? 
Streele Farm, any of the times we went: such very happy memories.  Our first holiday at Center Parcs runs it a close second though and I remember a fab holiday in Blackpool when I was a teenager.

Favourite job if you could choose?
What a question to ask a retired lady!!
I loved teaching, I really did.  I wouldn't have wanted to do anything else, ever.  However, being a lady of leisure is rather good so I think I will stick with it!

Worst ever road journey?
Any journey when I get lost.  I have a phobia - well, severe worry anyway - about getting lost.  It stops me from doing things and going to places, sadly.

Last meal out? 
The Hare with my friend Al.  I had a toasted bacon and brie ciabatta and they forgot the bacon which is not like them.

The station your radio is usually tuned into?
That's the one in the car and it's tuned to Classic

The colour most featured in your wardrobe?

The oldest thing in your house?
Me - and my teddy bear!

Best boot sale/jumble sale/charity shop bargain recently.
I got ten balls of yarn for a tenner (thank you, Jen) recently and I bought two nice dining chairs for £20 off a Facebook selling page.  I want to rub them down and paint them and make nice cushions for them at some point.

Most hated domestic task.
I'm not keen on any of them really but I don't think I actually hate any.  I guess cleaning the oven comes pretty close though.

Knitting or Crochet.
Do I have to choose?  Both!  And sewing . . .

Favourite Film genre.
I like musicals but I'm not a great film goer anyway.  My absolutely fave film is West Side Story.  The music is amazing.

Jewellery wearer or not.
Not.  Mind you, if someone were to offer me ropes and pearls, diamonds and other precious stuff, I might be persuaded to say yes!

Book or E Reader.
I know they take up space and get battered but, for me, books every time.

Adventurous cook or plain and simple.
Adventurous in a limited way, I would say.  Lack of knowledge is a drawback and one day, maybe, I will go on a cookery course or two.  I'd like to.

Walking or Gym.
Swimming, actually!  With my wonky ankles and knee the others are quite problematic but I do love being in the water..

Pets or not.
No way.  They make messes, need looking after and die on you!

Fresh Oysters or no way Jose.
No thanks.  Smoked salmon instead, if you please.  With chilled champagne.  That would do nicely.

And today's food, just because . . .
B:  blueberry pancake and yogurt
L:  soup, natural yogurt
D:  chicken with mange tout and broccoli, small brownie


  1. Loved reading your answers Joy X

  2. I rather enjoyed writing them too! :-)
    J x

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