Monday 23 May 2016


Well, what a fab day I had yesterday.

Since I was a littly, I have always been interested in crafting.  As a child I got into origami and then into paper sculpture.  My first school prizes were books about those two crafts and I cared not one jot that the Powers That Be thought them a frivolous choice because, to me, they were certainly not.  I used them for years and they must still be in the attic as I have certainly not thrown them away.
I made a nativity set out of card using paper sculpture and Mum and Dad got it out each Christmas for many a long year before it finally crumpled.  I wish I had photos of it because it was really pretty good, though I say it myself.

As I got older I added knitting, crochet, sewing, dressmaking, etc, to my list of 'things'.  All extremely useful crafts in their own way.

Suffice it to say, I enjoy being a Jack of all trades, albeit mistress of none really.  I was so pleased when my daughter showed signs of some considerable creativity in different ways.

Then teaching took all my time and slowly most of my crafting life died the death, due to lack of time and lack of energy.

However, I am now retired and have time again.  What a gift.  Windows are opening as doors close.  So yesterday I went on a felting course at Cressing Temple and had a wonderful time.

Half way through

Still very wet but getting the idea

It's based on trees in their seasons.  Spring, summer, autumn, winter.
The finished product is still drying.  Once it has dried, that's more or less how it will stay.  It's looking good!

Cressing Temple is lovely.  After the course I had time to stroll around a bit and focused on the Elizabethan garden, created in the style of gardens at that time.  Very fragrant.

Wallflowers in their proper place - in walls!

Such a lovely day!

Today - all of this week, in fact - I have blocked off in my diary.  Apart from the weekly commitments, I am having a crafting week.  There's a backlog of things to make/work on/finish and it's good to have a sustained length of time to do it!  Three cheers for the gift of time.