Sunday 15 May 2016


I am very thankful for a quiet day today.  It wasn't going to be quiet until just recently but plans have changed/fallen through and I have a whole day just to myself.

Yesterday was hectic.  First of all there was the strain of driving somewhere I'd never been.  Silly, I know, but even with Google maps and a sat nav, I find this incredibly stressful and tiring.  I HATE getting lost/not knowing where I am.

Then there was the sale itself.  Lovely people, small hall, no pressures, but it was four hours in a different environment, something else I can find tricky.

The drive home was nice, even though my sat nave tries to send me the wrong way.  Fortunate, Beth knew the main route and kept me straight.

How did we do?  Well, we sold a bit.  Not as much as we would have liked but it wasn't a zero.  We were glad to be supporting Craftable.  I had a stroll round the other stalls and bought some lovely multicoloured yarn for £1.00 a ball and I've started another virus shawl with it.  I think it will be lovely.

But now I'm feeling a bit frayed around the edges and glad for a very quiet day.  I shall get out the sewing machine and have a go at some dress making I have been planning to do for a while.  I ummed and ahed about making it a pj day but I think not - I might want to enjoy the sunshine in the garden which is a bit overlooked.

I hope you all have a lovely day too.


  1. Sounds like a day off is in order have a good one.

  2. Hope you had a relaxing day xx

  3. I did, thanks and it was a pleasant day off. :-)
    J x

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