Sunday, 22 May 2016


I'm feeling really buzzy this morning!  All excited and fizzy inside.

I've never (well, not since teenage years anyway) before, at this time of year, had the time or the energy to do interesting and different things at the weekend.  It's always been reports, marking, reports, assessments, reports, planning, reports, resources, repeat ad infinitum before crashing out on the sofa and going to sleep.
No, that's not a whinge, it's just how it was.  Went with the job, so to speak.

Today I'm off to learn the basics of felting at Cressing Temple.  Ten until four, six hours minus lunch break of crafting, all materials and tools provided.  It sounds so interesting!

Not only that, yesterday I saw that in July there's a course on willow weaving basketry, something I've always wanted to try out.  I asked for more info on that and got a quick message back saying it was for beginners but requires 'moderate effort'.  It's on a Friday which is even more out of this world for me.  I shall think about it but I guess I will give it a whirl.

I'm feeling very grateful right now.  Grateful for having an interest in crafting, grateful for having the time now and grateful for having been in a career that carries a pension that enables me to treat myself to things like this now and again.  To my mind, much better than a holiday away, far more satisfying, useful and productive.

(Mind you, doing both is even better!)

So - my bag is packed, I have worked out a cross country route that won't make me negotiate the big roundabouts, I have my camera, in case there's time to visit the walled garden, I have decided to treat myself and buy my lunch there, the hearing support stuff is all charged up and ready in case of need . . . all systems go.

A view of Cressing Temple a month ago.  What a change there will be!


  1. Sounds a great day out, happy felting!

  2. have a super day it does sound like fun. Never done felting before.

  3. Have a safe journey and enjoy yourself. Wishing you lots of happiness. Jx

  4. Have a lovely day. I don't know why but my blog just fails to post some times.

  5. Diane - it posts, it just doesn't appear on your list. Same for me too, it's quite frustrating really.
    Joan, Gill and Annabeth, it's been a really super day. I've come home with a bowl thingy that is drying out at the moment with towels stuffed inside. Once it is dry, that's its shape.
    For once I felt really creative and got loads of lovely comments about what I made. It was just a splendid day.
    J x