Thursday, 26 May 2016


I really MUST spend some time out there today!

It's the annual 'are they ready to plant out yet' thing.  Maybe another week or so.

The Christmas cactus is budding up after a year and a half of idleness.  Maybe it needs some therapy!

The irises have been absolutely wonderful this year.

LOADS of berries but not a red one among them - yet!

Slow, so slow, but steady.  It WILL live.

I'm really good with weeds.

I think the runners have to be planted out - they're tangling around each other.

Ditto for the bush that thinks it is a tree.  It needs its forever home now.

The herb and foliage bed is looking lovely.

Garden creativity, here I come.


  1. You are always that bit ahead of us, our strawbs are still in the flowering stage. Jx

  2. You're a fair bit further north, aren't you? I gather it does make quite a difference. Mind you, it was jolly cold yesterday and I'm glad today is so much nicer.
    J x

  3. Yes, further north and colder here today. Plants waiting in the greenhouse, not growing much these days - courgettes, cabbages, and tomatoes (inside), rhubarb (outside) Jx

  4. They will be delicious! :-)

    J x