Thursday 5 May 2016


Morning, all.  Another lovely early morning has cheered me up no end.  Such glorious weather.

Firstly a few photos I forget to show you yesterday.

First of all, the chairs - well, one of two.  They are lovely and solid, not a wobble between them.  I want to rub them down and paint them before making some lovely cushions to make them more comfortable.  Now, I've never done anything like that before but there's plenty of advice on the internet so why not?  The best bit - I paid just £20 for them.

The other thing is that middle bed in the garden.
I thought I had a 'before' photo but I don't (or can't find it) so please imagine the bed below, simply smothered in bulb leaves - daffs, hyacinths, snowdrops, etc.  It looked glorious in February and ragamuffin messy by the end of April!

Anyway, I have cleared all that, sprinkled over some fresh soil and am enjoying the difference.  I've put in the potted plants now - I hadn't when I took that picture.  It now gives me pleasure again, both now and in anticipation of summer colour.  I have stuck to the colour scheme of pinks, blues and purples so nice and soothing.  The crocosmia stuck out like a sore thumb and jarred!

Today I have a meeting here so I shall be tidying and cleaning again and also baking a chocolate cake and some muffins.  There's some washing to wash and dry and a bit more sorting out to do.  I now take pride in my cupboard under the sink and can get in many of the bits and bobs that were cluttering the space around the sink.

It looks like it is set to be lovely all day so a spell out in the garden with a coffee and a book would be very pleasant.  I've cancelled the tuition this week because of the meeting so no lesson prep.  If I get all my work done, I will indulge.

Today's food:
B:  toast with some stilton that needs using up
L:  maybe a couple of boiled eggs, apple
D:  Chicken that has been marinaded in a sort of honey mustard thingy, new pots, peas, yogurt

Ooops, my mug is empty.  That's me off to make another coffee.  Enjoy your day, gentle readers.


  1. Love the chairs I'm sure they will look lovely once you have upgraded them.

  2. I hope so. I know they're very 70s but I like that look and I think they'll be well used both before and after renovation!
    J x

  3. The flower bed will be gorgeous in full bloom!
    I know what you mean about leaves. I'm already despairing about my bluebell leaves

  4. They're so messy, aren't they? Once the glory of the flowers has passed, the leaves are just rather boring! And messy!
    I think it will be lovely in a few months. I have a few summer bulbs that need to go in somewhere, but I don't think they will do much until next year.
    J x

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