Sunday, 27 July 2014


Phew.  It was a real scorcher yesterday afternoon and still uncomfortable by bedtime.  I've heard it is supposed to be cooling down but I have to say I have seen, or maybe I mean felt, no sign of any cooling down, not yet.
It is pleasant now, of course.  The windows are open, the coolness is filling the house, it is all really rather pleasant and peaceful.

However, I glance to my right and there's a great long list of Things To Do.  I guess none of them will take all that long but it does look daunting.  What it doesn't say is 'ironing'.  That's because I have an empty ironing basket.  Really.  First time since forever.  OK, so there's things on the drying rack so I suppose it ought to say ironing . . .  there, just added it to the list.  How sad!

I've just gone out to survey my estate (!) and I notice that there's a large plum tomato starting to ripen.  Yesss!  Another week or so and I will be swamped with the things and then I can make passata, etc, for the freezer.  Ditto with the runner beans.  I don't think my house sitter is a runner bean type of girl so I shall offer them to Dave and Anna.

The beans look really nice now, growing up and over the archway.  In fact, given that it is a little garden and I'm certainly no gardener, the whole place looks good.  I don't have the time for a fully blown 'garden' at the moment but maybe, after retirement, I shall think of maybe having some of the slabs up to create a more 'sensible' growing bed.  We shall see - plenty of time to think about that.

I had a bit of a chuckle the other day.  A letter arrived from the council or whatever it is that does these things regarding the fact that I am now of 'pensionable' age.  It use to be 60, of course, but I got caught up in this increase of working life thing which has angered people so very much.  I think I'd be angry too, if I didn't love my job so very much.

What really made me smile though was that I can get a bus pass.  I think I will, you never know, do you, and if they do phase it out, I may as well get in before then.  I must put it on my list of Things To Do - but not the one next to me right now!!!

And talking of the one next to me, I ought to get started.


  1. Lucky you, your toms are behaving themselves. I have yet to come across even one properly ripe tomato. What with dry setting and blossom end rot, mine are a disaster this year. Jx

  2. That's really bad luck, Joan. There seems to be some useful advice here.
    Hope it helps.
    J x