Wednesday 2 July 2014


Middle of the week and family assembly day so the knot in my tum has returned and I shall be glad when it is all over.  Yesterday's rehearsal in the hall was a bit of a disaster so it seems my tum has joined my fingers in crossing firmly!

Apart from that yesterday was OK.  I did check when the reports were due out as everyone was faffing around getting them into envelopes, etc, but I had remembered correctly, it's not until Friday next week, so that is OK, I'm not missing the boat.

Today I have my class all day, a rare treat.  At least I HOPE it will be a treat.  We shall see.


  1. Sounds as if life is rather stressful for you at the moment. Is that mainly because the end of term in coming up? I hope all goes well, and roll on the holidays:)

  2. There's a lot going on, yes. Never mind, only eleven school,days to go.
    J x