Saturday 19 July 2014

A few garden photos

You can tell I'm on holiday.  Three entries in one morning is a bit much, sorry.

No tomato photos this time but the caterpillars do seem to have left.  Maybe it was the bordeaux mixture, maybe it was the bug spray, who knows.  I'm keeping an ongoing look out anyway.

Here's a few photos.

This is what the rain was like on Friday morning.  I suspect it was the same this morning too but I didn't look.

The best of the redloves.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed this year.

The second chilli, twice the size of the first one.  Now, what to use it for?  Any ideas?

I sowed the cerinthe seeds this spring and they are just starting to flower.  They're rather crowded by the crocosmia so I shall have quite a lot of it out today or tomorrow (the crocosmia, I mean).

There will be a meal to pick soon - give it three or four days, I reckon.

And finally, the hosta patch is looking very pretty at the moment.


  1. Growing well! Here the toms seem to have blossom end rot. But the courgettes are coming on well. Jx

  2. That's a pain. Is that the rain? Beth says her courgettes are doing well, as always!
    J x

  3. It's a combination of the vagaries of the weather. Too hot and too humid. Jx P.S. I love courgettes, we put in 10 plants.