Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Good morning.  I don't have an awful lot to say because I said most of it yesterday evening.  I can reveal that it is a dull, gloomy morning, quite cool, no sun emerging and it looks as if it might rain.  I can also reveal that I see no caterpillars on the tomatoes so maybe the anti-blight measures have driven them away.

Thankfully, I slept well overnight, although I had a brief wakey spell in the middle of the night.  Not a problem though.  The knee is still stiff, still sore when I move the joint, but it doesn't hurt at all between times.  I think a few more days should get rid of the worst.

I am very lucky it wasn't worse though.  If I'd broken something or knocked myself out, I'd have been stuck unless I could get to the phone.  Mind you, alarm bells would have gone off if I hadn't turned up for school.  I still remember how worried we were when a colleague didn't turn up one day.  She had just overslept but we phoned around her contacts and someone with a key went round to check she was OK.  Much embarrassment, of course, but if she had been hurt or whatever, it would have been discovered fairly soon.

Today is a no-day for me.  First of all it is the summer concert and two of my children are performing.  That will go on until playtime.  After that it's coordinator time and then PPA, a real blessing because this evening is Open Evening so I need to get everything spick and span and shiny.

I was expecting a dear friend to come to stay yesterday but, sadly, she has hurt her back and isn't able to drive for a few days.  Get well soon, Sonja, and I hope you wake feeling a whole lot better today.

I suppose I ought to think about having a bath, atc, although I don't need to be in school particularly early this morning.  There's no preparation to do, nothing to get ready.  Tomorrow will be a different story - all the displays wil need to come down and new backing paper put up ready for the new year, new theme lettering to make, new resources to find . . . it will be all go!

Four more days to go.  Just four.


  1. Glad the Knee is not too bad and that things weren't worse. It is raining here now though it looked promising when I first got up. Have a nice restful day and brace yourself for tomorrow.

  2. :-) I hope it doesn't rain here - it's the last games lesson of the year!
    J x

  3. Oh dear Joy, what a shock to the system, so easily done, one second you're perfectly allright and then bam! a crumpled heap on the floor. I agree though books and stairs aren't really made for each other. Hope the knee improves quickly, you need to be fit for your hols!
    Best wishes! xx

  4. Hoping you'll be able to take the weight off your injured knee. Thinking of you. Jx

  5. So sorry to hear about your fall, Joy - gosh, what a shock, it really does shake one, doesn't it. So glad the knee is feeling less painful, it will take a while to heal completely though so please do be very, very careful!
    My neck/back is gradually getting there now thankfully, so we'll be over to see you tomorrow. :o) Painkillers and massages are wonderful things! :o)Can't wait to see you! :o)
    Please do take humungous amounts of care! S.xxxx

  6. Thank you, lovely ladies. Unfortunately, it has been quite sore today and other sore bits are also beginning to make themselves felt too. Nothing dire - broken or whatever - but plenty of aches and pains which makes getting up and sitting down rather an ouchy experience.
    Sonja, I'm glad you are slowly getting better. Take loads of care and I look forward to seeing you - we can be two achey old ladies together.