Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Good morning!  It is lovely and cool this morning.  Dry too, so all the windows are open.  It's dull but the clouds look high so maybe the sun will emerge later on.

I tend to crash a bit at the start of a school holiday and yesterday was no exception.  After a reasonably active morning I felt sleepy.  I slept on my bed, I came downstairs and did a bit more stuff before sleeping in my recliner and so it went on.  In fact, I was thoroughly lazy, which is fine.  I didn't do any ironing, I didn't go to Wyvale, but never mind, I have nearly six weeks of not very much school.

Today Alex comes to stay for a few days, which should be fun.  I'm not sure what we will have for lunch, probably something bready and chickeny, but for dinner I shall make pizza.  I love home made pizza, I have the chicken bits to put on it and plenty of appropriate vegetables to use too.  I have no idea about tomorrow.  I will face that when I get there.

I have to get baking again (I have another lemon courgette cake in the oven as I type) as Alex loves my baking.  I need to have a rootle through my recipes and see what I can find.  Oh, the hardship!

Out in the garden, interesting things are happening in the planter I wanted the dwarf beans to go.  I seem to have one plant up out of all the seeds I sowed, just one.  Maybe one will be OK for just me.  However, what is fun is that I appear to have two tomato plants growing that look suspiciously like the hundreds and thousands tomatoes I grew there last year.  Anyway, I shall encourage them as well as the bean and just see what happens.  Anything will be a bonus.  I'll let you know!


  1. Alex might like to decide, who knows he might even like to cook it for you! Have fun!

  2. You have a very good point there. he has already made a grand job of clearing weeds from the front drive.
    J x