Saturday, 5 July 2014

Saturday: in the midst of death . . .

. . . there is life.

Regular readers of this blog will remember that a number of weeks ago I made the classic error of spraying my lupins with weed killer instead of bug spray with several other nearby plants catching it too.  I replanted the runners and they are now growing well.  I cut the lupin right back to almost ground level in hopes.

While watering yesterday evening my eye caught a flash of green and, lo and behold, there were three new little lupin shoots emerging from the disaster.  I don't know if they will grow completely this season now, but I have hopes for next year.  I am happy.
(I did try to get a few photos but they're all unfocused)

Here's * the * runner bean (yes, still just the one, although there are plenty of flowers now) which is now around 12cms long.  Not ready to pick yet although one bean doth not a portion make, doth it?

I finally succumbed to the lure of the ripe tomatoes and picked and scoffed three yesterday - and my goodness, they were scrummy, sweet and warm from the sunshine.  I did leave another two on the vine as I gather they send out 'time to ripen, guys' signals to the other tomatoes.  Here's the two that were reprieved - for now.

It was another scorcher yesterday and I certainly felt hot as I drove from Chelmsford to Harlow Study Centre for some NQT mentoring training.  I was a bit worried about the journey as I am not good with driving to 'new' places and Harlow isn't somewhere I frequent anyway.  As it was, it turned out to be a lovely journey, country all the way and mostly clear roads.  Even coming back I was a bit before the traffic build up so made good speed.

The venue was dead easy to find, well signposted (much to me relief) and was a lovely old barn next to a delightful little church.  I walked through the graveyard to get to the centre.  No air con, not even a fan, but the high vaulted ceiling helped.  It would make a lovely house!

This morning, what a change.  It is dull, cool and raining.  Not pouring it down, just a steady light rain.  A good downpour would be better, the ground needs a thorough soaking, but I'm not complaining.  At the moment the back door is wide open and downstairs is gradually cooling off.  Like my blogging friend, Diane, on these hot days I pull across the blinds and the curtains on the sunny side of the house which helps but it does still get quite hot inside and takes longer to freshen up again.

It was a hot night and, while I slept well when I was asleep, it wasn't continuous.  As a result I'm feeling a bit wet raggish this morning but the thought of three days in which to rest and catch up is a delight.  Today I shall take it easy and enjoy the freshness in the air.

As I finish this entry I've had to shut the back door as it is now raining rather harder and there's a wind that is driving the rain indoors.  Don't want a soaking carpet.  The garden looks happy though!  I know it sounds selfish but I hope it continues all morning!


  1. Most plants want to live and will try their best no matter what you do to them. Some plants like bindweed are all but indestructible!!!! I am with you on the rain long may it last.

  2. So it seems. Life force is very strong. I'm particularly glad about the lupin as it's been a fixture for quite a time now and I would miss it.
    J x

  3. Bought a dehumidifier years ago; it makes sleep easier to come by in warm humid weather. Have you got a 3-day weekend or thinking ahead to Thursday? Jx

  4. A three day weekend because the Tour de France comes to our part of Chelmsford on monday and, due to transport problems, the school is closed. Some could get in but not enough staff for H&S regulations. Such a shame! :-)
    A dehumidifier is quite a good idea. I must take a look around.
    J x

  5. Guessing a lot of folk will want to see Le Tour, so closing means no one is tempted to take time off (not that anyone would, of course). Sensible decision to close, enjoy your long weekend. Jx

  6. You can't really, not when there's 29 children to look after. It's not as if you can make it up later. The reason the school is closed though is because all the roads around here are shut off. It feel rather half-termy at the moment.
    J x