Saturday 26 July 2014


Good morning to the weekend, gentle readers.  It looks as if it is going to be another lovely day.  I can see the sun chasing away the remaining shadows on the sides of the houses and the sky looks clear.

Yesterday was, of course, another hot day.  It was lovely in the morning and then clouded over.  There were some rumbles of thunder and one very sharp shower followed by a few drops now and again and after than it did feel fresher for a time.  Thank goodness too, because I'd left my bedroom curtains open by mistake.  Normally I close them as it is almost south facing so gets the full sun for much of the day.  As it was, it wasn't too bad and I slept quite well again.

I managed to do some serious sorting out of paperwork.  That wasn't because I wanted to, it was because I couldn't find my mobile top up card.  I now have a much tidier desk but no card.  It should have been in my bag but wasn't, so goodness knows where it could be!  I had to go online to the site and register my phone, something I never got round to doing when I first got the phone a very long time ago now.  It's all topped up and ready for the holiday now and I daresay that wretched card will turn up at some point.

I popped round to school to pick up my laptop (I'd left it there for some updating, etc) and then decided I would go to Wyvale and see what bargains they might have.  I had a good look at their tomatoes and was sorely tempted to pick all the ripe tomatoes which seemed to have just been left, before they just went off.  In the end I succumbed to the charms of a titchy little miniature yellow/orange cherry.  I'd been looking at them on line when I bought my plants and nearly bought one then.  It's a bit of a novelty really but if all the tomatoes already there ripen, it will have paid for itself.  I have six inside which are already ripe (cheese and tomato sarnies for lunch, anyone?) and you can see on the photo how many more there are.  I will give it a good feed this weekend and then we will see - I haven't lost much if it gives up and dies on me.
It's called 'Venus' and is intended for small container gardens.

I also bought six fuchsias for a pound which will fill in the gaps in the middle bed and, at around 16p each, is great value.  I'll get them in today.

I was looking thoughtfully at my cherry tomato plant this morning.  It was large when I got it, it threatened to take over the living room at one point and I had to move it out of the grow house because it was taking over.  It just grew and grew.  Just now I moved it over to the other side of the garden to the supporting wires along the fence and, given that it is already producing ripe fruit, I will let it grow more and trail it along the fence.  I've pinched out many of the side shoots but it really is a very tall plant.  It's hard to describe so here's a photo.  You can see how long the trusses are.  It's not the handsomest looking plant in the garden, that's for sure, and it was fairly munched by the caterpillars at first so it looks bedraggled, but it seems to be a fighter and I think it will be happier (and possibly more attractive) there where it has room to stretch.  What do you think?

Well, sitting here won't buy the baby a new bonnet.  I need to get going and do stuff.  All sorts of stuff, in fact, preferably before it gets hot and sweaty.  But first, a second mug of coffee.  After all, it IS holiday!


  1. One is called Amish Paste but I can't remember the other one