Wednesday 16 July 2014


Things were so much better by the end of the day, even without any anti-ouch meds.  I wish I could say the same for my lovely friend, S, who is supposed to be here but who has damaged her back so she isn't able to drive, either because of the back or because of the extra strong meds which work but make her too dopey to drive safely.  Get well soon, S.

The classroom swapovers are progressing.  We're found a few short cuts (always good) and are fairly ahead of ourselves really.  The children are being noisy but angelic and have been very helpful too, bless them.

By the time I got home, Sharon (lovely hairdresser) was here and had started in on Beth's hair.  I went up to dampen my hair, using cold water which was very refreshing, and now I feel neat, tidy and clean again.  My hair had come to the end of what the style would bear and remain a good shape and it was nagging at my neck, making it all hot.  Now I have ventilation again.  It feels so very good.

Today is a special assembly (thank goodness for air con in the hall) and then more sorting, tidying and generally making ready for the new year.  I need to think of something interesting and yet accessible for my children to get on with.  I daresay inspiration will strike at some point.

And it's going to be hot, hot, hot.

Two more days to go!

(and apologies for anyone who tried to access this earlier.  I wrote it on Wednesday evening and accidentally published so I had to unpublish!  Ooops!)

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