Friday 21 September 2012


I thought I'd do a 'happy' post today. Maybe I mean a 'gratitude' post. Anyway, whatever one would call it, here it is.

I am happy and grateful because . . .

Yesterday afternoon we did crisp tasting. It was a way of exploring the sense of taste and they had to taste three different flavours of crisps and say which was which. Great fun all round. However, there were some left over and I was so, so sorely tempted, crisps being an abiding love and a major crisis point in any healthy eating plan! I have to admit, I nibbled a few (yes, really 'nibbled' and 'few', that's not a euphemism for 'crammed half a dozen in my mouth at the same time') and then came to my senses and guess what - threw the rest in the bin. Yes, I did!  Now for me that was major, mega-huge, and I'm well pleased.

When I got home, there was dinner, nicely thawed and waiting for re-heating. That may seem like nothing in particular but, after two very early mornings and busy days, I was worn out. It was almost like having someone there, already cooking dinner for you - in other words, no work!

Also when I got home I walked into a lovely, cosy, warm house. It's been jolly chilly and the heating had clicked on. It just made me feel happy!

And then, after dinner (and right now), I knew I had no lesson preparation for today so I could just sit and unwind. While I was unwinding, I knew that I'd left my classroom nice and tidy, put up a display and generally left everything just as it should be. Such a lovely feeling

And finally, I've had a great sleep, not woken too stupidly early and it's the weekend soon.  Really couldn't ask for more!

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