Monday, 3 September 2012

Monday morning and the holiday is over!

It's very strange.  For most of this holiday I have been bouncing out of bed good and early, bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Today I slept through the alarm (which never happens usually as it is very loud and piercing) and had some difficulty getting my eyes open.  Mind over matter, I guess, and we don't have to be in until 8:30 so no problems.

The order of the day is Staff Meeting and then into class to prepare for the invasion tomorrow.  Having worked quite hard last week, I don't have an awful lot more to do today in terms of preparation for tomorrow so I can perhaps sort out another cupboard!

I had what OFSTED call an 'awe and wonder' moment on Saturday, which I forgot to mention yesterday.  I was sitting at one of the children's tables by the window, idly sorting those new found felt tips into groups (they were in boxes of the same colour to start with) when I saw a woodpecker - yes, actually a woodpecker, I checked on Google - merrily pecking away at bugs along the low wall.  He was beautiful.  I think he was a juvenile green woodpecker as he had all the right markings and I cursed my out of action camera as he was very bold and wasn't disturbed by me standing right by the window.  A site found by Google tells me that the green woodpecker can 'often' (yeah, right!) be seen pecking at ants in back gardens.  Well, all I can say is that if he thinks the school field is a garden, he's going to get a shock come Tuesday !!!
Not my photo, unfortunately, but just what my handsome youngster looked like.

Yesterday for lunch I made mini tortilla quiches.  Now, we all know that there's no substitute for a nice crumbly shortcrust shell but, given that they are about a million and one calories per portion, that wasn't an option. 
So I did what I've done before and used a tortilla wrap, pressed into each mini quiche tin and the edges trimmed around before adding the fillings.  No, it's not pastry but it does, it's OK and I can keep the pastry for best!  After chatting to DD, I am going to try baking the trimmings to see if I can turn them into some sort of cracker type thing as there was a lot wasted.

So - today!  Back to routine and timetable.  Back to being a bit pushed for time again.  Back to being surrounded by lots of people again.  And the food planned is the fruit, yogurt and crumpet thing as described previously; crispbread, hummus, orange and apple for lunch; and then, for dinner, a skinny pie using one of the portions of filling from the freezer, with broccoli and maybe some roasted honeybear courgette, which DD tells me is delicious.  As the oven will be on for the pie, I may as well.

So - better go and get started!  New year, new class, new habits?  We will see.

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