Saturday 15 September 2012

Saturday morning

Look at the time!  Stupid o'clock right enough.  Yesterday was most peculiar.  I woke up with a bit of a headache: nothing much, just a few twinges.  As the day went on I started feeling yuck.  Mostly tummy stuff but nothing that stopped me working.  Enough to make me leave school as soon as I possibly could and I'm glad I did because once home the shivers started   Not nice feeling like that, not nice at all.  So it was heating on, hot cuppa, paracetamol and bed.  Bed at about half past six, would you believe!  As I warmed up under the covers I fell asleep and that was that - I feel a whole lot better now, despite the time and I should be able to catch a bit more sleep before most sensible people are awake and up.  I wonder what that was all about now . . .

Despite the above, it was a very useful day yesterday.  I got loads done, useful, helpful, necessary stuff.  It's a very satisfying feeling to be up to date with stuff.  As the school year moves on, one finds that if one doesn't deal with what comes in straight away, one ends up six foot under - and yes, the use of 'one' is deliberate because I know I am not the only 'one'!  At the moment there's time.  It's when there's no time and/or no energy that the problems start.

Enough of whinges.  Looking ahead, it's a planning free weekend.  I have a friend around this morning for a chat, George should be here to work his usual magic on a garden that is starting to look decided autumnal and I want to blitz my bedroom at some point.  Also, I've found an old book on my bookshelves that has some likely looking recipes in it and I want to try one when DG and DD come over.  It's a thick soup (yum) just right for days that are getting noticeably shorter and make one think of soups, stews, casseroles and other such comfort food.  With that in mind I intend to start my old habit of making 'leftover soup' on Saturdays - basically, any veg left over from the week goes in and it ends up either as a minestrone type soup or as a zizzed chunky soup, depending on the veg.  It's frugal, it's tasty and it is likely to do me for several lunches during the week.

Now that we have a nice big staffroom with a good sized table, lunches are becoming something of a social occasion and more and more people are bringing in 'leftover' type meals to warm up in the microwave.  It's really rather pleasant to sit around the table chatting as we eat.  The 'new' (nearly a year old now) staffroom is proving to be a decided blessing in many ways.  We're lucky . . .

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