Wednesday 26 September 2012


Good morning on a somewhat damp-but-not-actually-raining-at-the-moment early Wednesday morning.  It's obviously been raining but right now the skies are starry and there's not a lot of cloud so it's cold!

Yesterday was nicely ordinary.  Even the observations were pleasant, good in fact, and I learnt and, hopefully, taught useful stuff. 

I also snapped off a few photos on the new camera and am ridiculously pleased with the one I posted yesterday evening.  It was just about the only useful one of several as that flippin' spider would not stay still and smile nicely for me!  But, for me (and I know there's got to be lots of faults in it), the one that did work was well worth the others.  It was cropped, of course, I didn't really get that close, but I love the detail, if not the subject!
The zoom is good too.  I took a dead boring one of a tree from right the other side of the school field and it is very clear. 

The panoramic one is fun but gives some odd effects.  Sepia is dull, but right for certain photos.  It also has something called 'happy' colour (how twee) that enhances colour and makes everything bright.  Nice!

This one I took from outside the back of the house, looking over the countryside.  Again, the zoom worked well.  I took it because the clouds looked interesting!  Those buildings and the tree are right on the horizon over the other side of an agricultural area.  It's on the sunset setting although there wasn't much of a sunset.  I just wanted to see what effect it had.

Wish I'd had this at Streele Farm!

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