Thursday 27 September 2012

Thursday morning

One more day after today and we are half way through the half term, one twelfth of the way through the school year, ridiculous as that sounds.  We have come a fair old way along the road in the past few weeks and I'm pleased.

Yesterday evening was a very useful staff meeting, based on our delivery of phonics.  It's now much closer to what I feel comfortable with (not that comfort is necessarily a Good Thing, but in this case maybe it is) and I think it's going to work a real treat!  Planning it in was a bit of a headache, just because it's a change, but I got there so all the planning is now done for next week.  It will get easier!

Another photo.  No way was the reality as dramatic as this photo, but I used the 'sunset' setting and it looks very 'arty', doesn't it?  I think it will make a good card.

I'm beginning to think I ought to get myself one of those digital photo frame thingies because I'm quite pleased with some of my photos and it would be nice to have them showing in some way.  Or maybe that's just being big headed and show-offy.  Don't want to be that!

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