Tuesday 4 September 2012

Tuesday morning

. . . and up with the lark - actually, probably before the lark as it was still dark when the old eyes opened and started focusing for the day!  I have a nice comfortable feeling that all is in order, everything is ready, the sheets are copied and trimmed, the books are labelled, the displays are up, the powerpoint for phonics is ready and all I need is fine weather, given that I'm on playground duty am and pm.

I even managed to do some more sorting out yesterday afternoon.  In the olden days I did a lot of recorder tuition.  That was when a) I didn't have nearly so much other responsibility and b) I was young enough to be happy to go rushing here and there all over the school at odd times, gathering pupils from their classes and returning them again afterwards.
We did jolly well too.  In all my years of tuition and teaching up to exam level (a few even reached grade five descant and grade 4 treble), I never had a fail and the huge majority gained distinctions.  I'm quite proud of that.  But those days are long gone now.  I neither have the time nor the stamina, sadly.  So the fairly huge stack of music, all now out of date anyway in terms of exam material, has been sitting in my cupboard gathering dust and taking up valuable space.  So yesterday I sorted it all out, kept only the resources I could use with beginners recorder club and, after a nostalgic wallow and throwing out all that was in a really bad condition, handed the rest over to the music coordinator.  I also found some old choir stuff too (I used to take the school choir - not very well, but I was the only one able and willing) which went to the Head.  So that's another useful space in my cupboard, soon to be filled by my geography coordinator stuff (currently somewhere it really ought not to be).

As well as that, I sorted and distributed a whole load of 'scrap paper' brought in by one of my lovely mums last year, jolly useful for wet playtimes, golden time, etc.

And just to cap it all, I went through some of my resource files (work sheets, display stuff, etc), found some resources I'd forgotten I made and generally managed to create order out of mild chaos.

So, all in all, very satisfying.  Plenty more to do, of course, but I'll get there!

When I was sorting stuff out for yesterday's dinner (I like to get it all sorted in the morning because I'm tired come the evening) I found that the planned broccoli was somewhat over its best (yuck) so I popped into Morrison's and saw they had sprouts, which I love.  Afterwards I wished I hadn't bothered, they're never that good at this time of year.  However it was more than compensated for by the wonderful roasted squash (not courgette as I said yesterday) given to me by DD from her allotment.  Honey bear squash.  Quite a new  variety, I gather, and I chopped it into bits, skin and all, roasted it in a little oil and oh, my goodness, it was absolutely gorgeous.  And I've got half left over for today, to have with the chicken korma.  And it will go very nicely with that, I am sure.  I think the flavours will complement each other very nicely.

As yesterday, not my photo, but it gives you an idea of what it looks like.
And on that happy note I will stop.  Have a lovely day, gentle readers!

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