Saturday 8 September 2012

Saturday morning

. . .and to state the bleedin' obvious (as the saying goes), it's the weekend.  YAY!  It's been a good week.  Nice class, lovely to see friends again, the weather has been glorious, I've had fun playing with a camera and I've eaten sensibly and healthily.  What more could any reasonable teacher ask for, eh?

I can now take close ups of spiders!!  I couldn't work out how to do it as the camera just focused on the background with a muddy little spludge where the spider was, but now I can and here's proof . . . (with apologies to all those with a sensitive disposition) . . .

I have a little 'guardian' to help with the healthy eating.  Here's what I printed, laminated and magnetted onto the fridge door.

Cute, isn't he?  Alfie the Adipose!  The colour is not right, I need to sort that out. 

I also have these little chaps staring at me as I open the fridge door.  Birthday magnets to match all the other glories DD sorted for my 60th birthday celebrations.  I LOVE owly things.

Seems to be working.   (and the colour is better - I wonder what made the difference)

Today I have planning to finish, I need to go shopping and then I'm having a serious cooking session.  I hope to end up with four portions of chicken korma, four of sweet and sour chicken (both those wonderful Hairy Bikers' recipes) and a batch of chewy oat cookies.
And then I will need to seriously clean and tidy up the kitchen - and make room in the freezer!

Hope you've got a good day planned too.

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