Thursday 20 October 2022


 Morning, one and all.  We've had rain overnight and it's a very gloomy start to Thursday round here.  Such a change from yesterday.   Yesterday was nice and sunny though.

Annoyingly, the coldy virus thing is fighting back and yesterday wasn't great, especially as the day went on.  I managed circuits and I got the cake started off before I crashed out in my comfy chair and felt sorry for myself.

I've decided to take today and, probably, tomorrow right out of circulation and see if that knocks it on the head.  I had planned a coffee and chat with Chris but we're going to try it online, just a quick one, and Val was coming round for lunch but we have rescheduled that for next week instead.  

I'll probably bake the Christmas cake on Saturday or Sunday and then it's all wrapped up ready for feeding at intervals.  I found a good block of icing but there was no marzipan in Morrisons yesterday.  I'll keep looking out for some and, if the worst happens, I do have some ground almonds and Cookidoo has a good, basic, marzipan recipe I can do in Thermione.  In fact, I might actually do that anyway, thinking about it.

Anyway, today is a quiet, doing not very much sort of day and, probably, tomorrow too.  That should do it; I am fed up of coughing and sneezing and spluttering and generally achey and giddy.  It's definitely not covid, it's not flu, it's just a cold, nothing worse.

Apologies for the whinge.  I'll be bright and breezy again soon and I feel happier in my mind for having decided to take days out to rest and recover.  It's not giving in, it's doing it my wa-a-a-a-ay!  < grin >

Take care, everyone, and if you have anything similar, get well soon and follow your instincts.  Have a good day, however you spend it.  xx


  1. Get well quickly Joy. Hopefully you will be bright as a button by the weekend xx

  2. Get well soon Joy. I'm feeling the same and it's blimmin miserable.

  3. A good rest is probably the best idea. Feel better soon. Xx

  4. Thanks, everyone. I'm sure I will and, Cherie, it really is miserable and I do hope you pick up soon. (((hugs))) xx

  5. I had a similar virus for about four weeks and still left with a chesty cough. It's doing the rounds and symptoms are similar to Covid although tests prove negative. Rest up is my best advice and certainly don't exercise until you feel one hundred per cent or you might go back to square one!

    1. I think that's what happened earlier on in the week. Maybe going to Lindsey's classes wasn't the best thing to do after all. I sincerely hope it won't go on for four weeks though!! Poor you, that sounds most 'unhelpful'!
      I hope you're feeling loads better now. xx