Thursday 13 October 2022


 Good morning and happy Thursday to everyone.  I'm up really early after a poor night's sleep but should get plenty of opportunity to snooze through the day, thankfully.
It's raining at the moment but doesn't feel particularly chilly and Beeb says it should clear up in a few hours round here.

I did my covid test and it's fine, so I just have a stonking cold.  Give it a couple more days and I should be fine again; the sniffles are just starting and when that happens, the aches and sore throat start to ease and one starts feeling loads better, albeit a bit disgusting.

After an exchange of messages with Lindsey and given that her son had been unwell overnight, we decided to make personal training an online session.  I have several useful fitness bits and bobs - weights, resistance bands, a balance plate, etc, plus an exercise bike and Lindsey is great at devising exercise from what's available so I felt I was worked just as hard at home yesterday as I am at her studio, with the added bonus of some new ideas for my own home sessions.

I also messaged Chris suggesting that we make our chat online this week but she and Steve are hoping to visit New Arrival so the chat wasn't going to happen anyway.  That's fine; I'm rather glad to have the whole day to myself.

I dug out some granny squares I had made earlier and set to to create a hottie cover.  It went well and looks great (I'll try to remember a photo tomorrow) but it's just too big.  At least now I know so today I'll give another one a go and see if I can make it fit properly this time.  It looks really nice, just too long, and it's too complicated to undo.  

I got all the ironing done, so I was pleased about that.  So today, apart from a walk (or drive, depending on the weather) round to Morrisons to pick up some meds and get some peppers (I get through so many peppers!!), I can have a gentle and restful day, catching up on sleep as much as necessary.

So that's today.  Nice and easy with my Kindle, my crafting and maybe a few old sessions of QI or similar.
Have a good day yourself and stay well.  xx


  1. Morning Joy. Glad it's not the dreaded virus and hope the sniffle clear off quickly.

  2. Sorry about your cold, it's drizzling here but we should have a bit of sunshine later. I'm off to buy a Panda as a birthday present, I might have to give him a cuddle or two before he has a new home. xx

  3. I hope your cold doesn't turn into whatever is floating around here! Lasts for weeks. If your granny squares are made from 100% wool you could felt your cover a little bit to fit by washing it in hot water until it shrinks! xxx

  4. Hope you get plenty of rest and peace today 💘

  5. Sorry to hear you have a cold ... glad it's not Covid though, and hope it clears up quickly. Have a pamper day and take good care of yourself xx

  6. Hope you manage to have a nice quiet day, there are so many coughs and colds going around at the moment aren't there, I hope yours goes away soon. I'm dreading going to the doctors for my covid and flue jabs on Saturday, more for the germs that might be there than the injections themselves.

  7. A restful day with no commitments is always a bit of a treat. I had one of those today - I woke up to rain so no tennis, just pottered.

  8. Hope you feel better soon and had a lovely relaxing day

  9. Glad that you haven't got Covid. I started coughing tonight so I plan on testing soon.

    God bless.

  10. Thanks, everyone. A cold is a cold - unpleasant and definitely anti-social but they come and they go! :-) As Ali and Sue said, there's a lot of stuff going the rounds at the moment, fighting back after covid restrictions curtained them a bit.
    Ali - the yarn is mainly synthetic so won't shrink but it is usable so that's OK.
    Jackie - I do hope your test is negative too - take care and get well soon.
    Val - I hope you got your panda and I'm sure he appreciated a few hugs. :-)