Friday, 26 August 2016


Friday already!  The end of the working week for many.  The end of the last full week of the summer holidays.

All my adult life I have got to this point in the year with a sort of sinking feeling.  Not dread, just sadness that the holiday is nearly over and, yes, a sense of hovering stress, there and ready to pounce.  It's missing this year.
The thing I am dreading most at the moment is the drive over the Orwell Bridge that I will have to make to get to my B&B in a few week's time.  I have no head for heights whatsoever; I even avoid the flyover at the Army and Navy roundabout and as for the QE bridge, I take a middle lane and stick to it, looking ahead rigidly!  The Orwell bridge looks as if it has no sides although common sense tells me that it has to.

But that's an entirely different feeling!

Yesterday was warm again, wasn't it?  Not as baking hot as Wednesday and the skies were hazy but warm enough to dry the washing quickly and to make staying in with the fan on a very pleasant option.  The tomatoes are certainly liking it and I was able to give Beth a bagful the other day.

After tuition (I'm loving it!) Beth came round and we got started on a new commission.  I won't tell you what it is yet, just in case, as it's a gift, but I am knitting and we've adapted a dress pattern.  It means a trip to the market tomorrow morning to get sylko, lace and a zip!

My new iron arrived yesterday.  The old one (which is very old now) was showing signs of wear and tear and wasn't ironing quite as well as it used to do.  I reckon that if I am going to iron, I want to do it properly!  It's a Which? Best Buy so should be OK: it is certainly pretty substantial.

Today looks like being fully occupied.
Swimming first, then back home to wait for Sharon to come and do my hair.  After that, weather permitting, we're off to the allotment but just to water.
Then things ease off a bit and we go our separate ways but Beth is staying overnight so I need to make sure there's a meal for her when she gets here.  Her bed is already made up and her room will be nice and clean, once the cleaners have done their best!
I'm awaiting an email that will give the an hour slot for an important delivery so the allotment bit might change.

Today's food plans:
B:  oat bran galette, natural yogurt, fresh fruit, apple
L:  soup from the freezer, orange
D:  salmon, new potatoes and fried tomatoes, pineapple and yogurt


  1. I never heard of the Orwell bridge before and had to look it up. It's magnificent!!

    I can understand your apprehension but yes, it does have sides, looking at this picture they appear to be at a good height for giving the impression of being quite safe

  2. I used to dread driving across the M5 Severn crossing. Then they added extra lanes and I could use the lane further from the side. Jx

  3. More or less what I do on the Dartford bridge, Joan. I just can't look down.
    Thanks, Annabeth, that is reassuring. It is a stunning bridge - when I went on the weaving weekend, the hotel was close by it - but going over on it - eeeeeek! It won't stop me though.

    J x