Saturday, 20 August 2016

Garden update

This and the one below are not my trees, they are in next door's garden, but they do add to the general greenness and freshness that is all around me.  The one below leans over into my garden.
See the lovely blue sky this morning?

Plenty of runners to pick
. . . and plenty still to come.

So many sungold tomatoes just learning how to ripen.

. . . and loads and loads of the big Italian plum tomatoes showing no willingness whatsoever to ripen.
They'd better get a move on or they'll be destined for the chutney pot! 

And finally, at last, Montello is getting the hang of this.  One picked this morning, the one in the photo will be ready by this evening and several others blushing with shame at being so late!

Now all I need is the predicted wind today to blow the whole lot over < sigh >.

Added later.
As the wind is getting up and I'm damned if I will let it blow over my veg, I've attached a somewhat Heath Robinson-ish contraption with string and next door's fence posts in the hopes that it will keep both the tomatoes and the runners upright.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Oddly, your toms are ripening whilst mine have nearly finished. I've been passing toms to neighbours as there's been so many. Jx

  2. I think mine are very late for one reason or another. Not sure why.
    J x