Monday, 29 August 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.

First of all, that silly thing I mentioned yesterday.
A few days ago I noticed that the fridge felt rather cold.  It's not too difficult to move the dial while one is cleaning round the edge.  So I turned it down - higher number means higher temp, doesn't it?  It was still feeling too cold so I turned it down again.

Then I got out a frozen lettuce and frozen celery, both of which had been near the back of the fridge.  Ooops.

So I consulted the manual and had a 'doh' moment.  Higher numbers mean colder temp, not warmer.  So I reset and all is fine again - which is more than can be said for the lettuce!  The celery can go into the freezer for cooking with so that's not a problem.

Apart from feeling more than a bit silly, the main emotion was relief.  Having to buy a new fridge in the same month as a new washing machine would have been more than a bit 'ouch'.

Now some good news - for me, anyway.  At long, long, long last, finally, the Italian plum tomatoes have decided to start ripening.  Woo hoo!

OK, so it's very faint and not showing up all that well on the photo above: that was yesterday and it's brighter today, even in the poor early morning light.

Yesterday was very pleasant with Beth and Alex coming for lunch.  I pushed the boat out and we had three courses and it was all rather nice.  There was enough soup left over for me to have more for tea, which was great.

Today is Have To Tidy Up My Bedroom day!  It really is.  No more excusing, prevaricating or negotiation.  By this evening it will be a delight to walk in to.  What?  You don't believe me?  Just wait and see!

Today's food:
B  bacon, tomato and mushrooms
L:  tuna salad wrap, melon
D:  tomato and veg pasta, natural yogurt and fresh fruit

And, as I've made it (for a Facebook group) here's a montage yesterday's food.  The soup was cream of mushroom and it was so delicious and so easy.  Most certainly one to make again.


  1. I do like your heart shaped breakfast bowl :-)

  2. I love my heart shaped crockery. I have bowls and plates and they make the food taste so good! :-) Superior quality from Wilcos!
    J x