Friday, 19 August 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  It is the last day of another working week and there's just two weeks left of the school summer holiday now.
There's a very pink, 'shepherd's warning' sky, very attractive to look at so I snapped a photo.  Why is it these photos are never as good as the real thing?

Yesterday ended up far from quiet and peaceful.

First of all, it was A and AS level results day.  Grandson Alex has just finished his first year of 6th form so was taking his AS levels.  To our huge delight he got great grades, an incredible achievement for him.  It bodes well for next year and his A levels.  That was very cheering for us all.

While that excitement was going on, I spent a bit of time in the kitchen making my lunchtime salad and it was very fortunate that I did because suddenly the washing machine started gushing water out of every orifice.  I turned it off before there was too much of a flood but if I hadn't been there it would have been a right mess.

I've had a few niggles with this machine for a while, little things had started to go wrong and it is now really quite old so it didn't take too much thought before I went online to AO, and within half an hour I'd organised my new machine which will be delivered and connected today.  I have used AO before and have always been very impressed and I'd already got some idea of what I wanted anyway so it wasn't nearly as much of an impulse thing as it sounds.  Given how long the last machine did me, this one might possibly see me out, you never know.  It's good to get a big expense like that done with while I can afford it, isn't it?

Fortunately, the afternoon settled down, the main excitement being the delivery of the battery powered strimmer.  I had intended to use it at the allotment today but I will have to see when the washing machine will be delivered - they give a four hour time slot and I should be getting a text fairly soon.  Also, as rain is forecast (pink skies are a fairly good predictor) and Beth and I are fair weather allotmenteers, it might not have happened anyway.

Today's food:
B:  puffed wheat with mixed fruit
L:  feta and olive salad, apple
D:  fish pie, runner beans, broad beans, fresh fruit salad with natural yogurt


  1. I can remember that sinking feeling of helplessness when one of the machines suddenly goes to that white goods heaven in the sky, usually stuffed full with a heavy sodden load.

    You did exceptionally well to get a new one within a day, well done, and happy washing!

  2. Congratulations to Alex! And his proud Gran :-)
    Commiserations on the washing machine but that is very good turn around on getting a new one. If the weather is the same as here you won't be hanging your washing out to dry today!

  3. I've used Appliances Online for a long time now. Yes, they're not the cheapest but their service is so, so good and with a next day delivery (free) you really can't argue. This morning I got a text from them giving me the four hour time slot for delivery and then I got a phone call from the driver narrowing it down even more which meant I could get my shopping done early rather than late.
    The machine was stuffed with big towels and a quilt cover but thank goodness for the warm weather and an outside line! They'll have to be washed again, of course, but they're dry for now.

    Thank you, Chrissie. We are incredibly proud of Alex - given that he has only been in mainstream for four years all I can ever say is 'wow'.
    And no, I won't be hanging washing out today which is a shame as I will want to try out the new machine, but I have roomy drying racks so can't complain! :-)

    J x

  4. Heartfelt Congratulations to you and Beth and Alex too of course. No wonder you are rightfully proud of his successes. He's fortunate in having such supportive relatives. Jx

  5. Thank you so much, Joan. Yes, we are very proud of him and of his successes which he has worked so hard for. :-)
    J x

  6. Many congratulations on exam results and I am glad to hear you have sorted the washing machine problem so quickly. What a fantastic sky!!!!

  7. Thanks, Diane. It was a good day, one way and another, despite the flood threat.
    J x