Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Good morning, everyone.  The sun is shining and it was cool overnight so I could snuggle under the quilt.  I do sleep better like that so I've had a great night's sleep.

Another reason might be because I was sleeping in an uncluttered bedroom.  Yes, I finally got the bedroom sorted.  It is now neat and airy and open and I won't stub my toe on anything.  I didn't manage to sort through all the cupboards, although I did quite a lot, partly because the bin is now full and I need to wait until collection on Thursday but also because it took more or less all day (with breaks) and by the end of the afternoon I was hot and bothers and rather achey.   I'll get the rest of the cupboards done another time.

Another nice thing is those tomatoes getting riper and riper.  I reckon the first two will be ready by the weekend.  I'll take a photo of one in my hand so you can see how big they are.
For now . . .

The tayberry has changed out of all recognition since the Spring days of a few leaves at ground level.  I have now started training the stems along the wire on the fence and am dreaming of fruit next year.  Not much, I am sure, but some, enough to do something with.

Today Matt the plumber is here to replace my boiler and give the whole system a thorough overhaul.  He says to just leave it to him so I will.  I will just potter as there's various bits and bobs of stuff that need doing.

Today's food:
B:  yogurt, stewed plums and granola, melon
L:  pea and courgette tartlet, side salad, coleslaw, orange
D:  burger, new pots, runner beans, fried tomatoes, pink fluff


  1. Hello Joy, I've one day of freedom left tomorrow before I'm back to school. We have two days of inset so lots of child free time to ease back in gently! Your plum tomatoes look very impressive.

  2. Hi! I've really missed your comments. Welcome back. Did you see the message I posted naming that lovely blue flower for you? Although maybe you found out yourself. :-)
    Have a lovely day tomorrow.
    J x

  3. Oops no I've not seen the message? Must go peep X

  4. I've looked but can't see the message anywhere?

  5. I'll find it and send you the link.
    J x