Friday 12 August 2016


End of the 'working' week (for many), over a third of the way through the month and my first AVC payment should be in (not that I've checked yet!).  The sun is shining its head off out there and it feels warm already.

I've just been out to water and noticed some colour among the three Montello tomato plants, and, yesssss, it was a ripe tomato.  I put out my hand and it just fell off into it so I guess that's telling me it is ripe!  Just the one but it has to start with just one, doesn't it.  The plants are laden with small, plum shaped fruit so I am anticipating a goodly crop from them.

I'm home now, after more time spent with my lovely parents getting thoroughly spoilt and pampered.  I arrived home  at lunchtime after a good journey with holdups only in Bishop's Stortford which is always busy.  It's an old town with narrow streets that take a lot of traffic and there's really not much that can be done regarding widening the roads.  Dad recently discovered a country route that cuts off the centre of the town which, he says, is longer but quicker.  One of the roads is not is good condition but if you're observant and go carefully round the potholes, it's OK.  I think I will try that next time I go that way.

Once home, I needed to do a shop so it was ho! for Morrison's with a short list.  As always, I forgot something and, yes, eggs were on the list, darn it!  Never mind, I can do without them over the weekend.

Then, feeling tired, I sat down and watched the Olympics while I knitted.  I am doing OK with this nativity set which is going faster than I anticipated.  I've completely made one shepherd and yesterday I added to it one baby in a manger with a bed of 'straw' and a tiny wee blanket.  Very sweet, although I had two goes at the baby.  The whole thing involves a fair amount of fiddly construction which is something I am not wonderful with so I am learning on the job.  As well as those two, I have the second shepherd and Mary all knitted and in little poly bags to make up when I am feeling 'strong'.  I have now started the first wise man and have three wise men, Joseph and three little sheep to make.  All good fun.

At some point I went out into the garden and picked copious amounts of runners and some more tomatoes - about seven or eight, I suppose.  The tomatoes, with some other salad ingredients and some feta and olives will form the basis for my lunch and dinner will be loadsa runner beans with savoury mince on top.  Delicious.

Well, I have a very long list of Things To Do so I had better disappear and get started.  I hope the sun shines warm for you today.

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