Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Welcome to what promises to be another beautifully shiny day.  Yesterday was gorgeous and today will be too, according to the Beeb.  No complaints here!

I didn't do half the stuff I planned to do yesterday but I had a great day and got the important bits done.  The rest can wait for another day.

Swimming was cool - in more than one meaning of the word.  Thirty lengths and a couple more for luck.   It's weird how one can get quite heated in cold water, isn't it?   And once home I discovered that my new toy does a thirty degree half hour wash which is perfect for washing the swimming stuff.  Let's face it, the costume isn't getting dirty, is it.  It's been in the water for an hour!  The towel is for drying off clean water after the shower.  A very short wash is all that's needed.

I'm getting excited now because today there's a cooking demo here at lunch time and then in the evening it is the first episode of this years Bake Off.  I love that programme, I really do.

I've discovered it's CJ who is leaving (has already left) Eggheads.  I'm kind of sorry - I liked his quirkiness and superiority and I really enjoyed 'Revenge of the Egghead' when it was on.  I guess there won't be any more series of that now.

So the menu for today is somewhat different.
B:  yogurt, fruit and granola
L:  < takes deep breath >  Pea and mint soup, tomato pasta with vegetables and feta, berry foam.
D:  probably leftovers, if I have any room.

But first . . . coffee!

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