Thursday, 17 March 2016


 . . . but it feels like Saturday.

I dunno, two mornings teaching and I feel as if I've done a whole week!  Ridiculous.  Yesterday morning's work was really lovely with year 1.  That's where my heart lies, always has, and I consider myself very, very lucky that I have been able to spend most of my teaching life with year 1 (or the equivalent).

Then it was home, James, for some cheese on toast before we whizzed into town.  I rarely go into town nowadays so it was a bit of a treat.  We attacked Lakeland first where I got one of the items I needed and ordered the other.  Last time I went in they didn't have it so yesterday I asked!  One good thing - I have realised that you can use loaf tin liners again and again and again but mine are getting rather much on the cooked side now.  What I've ordered should last me the rest of my lifetime now I know they can be reused over and over again!

Then we went to M&S and had a very nice cuppa, followed by a wander around Bhs.  Money was spent!

Dinner ended up as jacket potato with salad (very tasty) after which I rushed off to school for a governors committee meeting.  Short, informative and very pleasant.

Today, weather permitting (which it is), we are going to Hyde Hall.  Lunch first and then a gentle wander round.  In the evening we're going to the Hare so all-in-all we're having a lovely day.

Thankfully, I now have a working shed door again and can get at the freezers and various stacks of stuff I have in there.  Phew!

Food today
B:  toast, apple
L:  some kind of soup
D:  goodness knows.  It will be a 'smaller plate' version but no idea what yet.  What would you choose?


  1. The pies sound good to me (I miss pastry, can you tell?)
    Have a great day and please take some photos so I can live through you vicariously (is that how you spell that? Probably not)

  2. I think it is, in fact, correct! :-)
    I've charged up the camera and emptied it so I can take lots of photos! :-)
    J x