Sunday, 13 March 2016


Yesterday was the bake and ache day!  You know how when you have a cold there is always one day where you ache all over.  Well, that was yesterday.

But I managed to bake.  Three loaves (one white and two spelt), some shortbread biscuits and some brownies.
I wish . . .
The loaves went as well as loaves ever do!  I love how they make the house smell great for hours afterwards.

I had to make some biscuits for the lad who does my garden and they were lovely too.  I have posted the recipe on t'other blog as it was really simple and a useful one to have in the repertoire.

I had found a recipe for brownies on the lovely 'Frugal Girl' blog which I.  I had to translate it from American but dear me, what is google for if not for things like this.  They're going in the freezer - Most of them, anyway.  I think I will make some custard and have some of them for dessert today.
She calls the recipe 'not from a mix brownies' and the thing about it is that it contains no chocolate, just cocoa (which means no faffing around with bowls and saucepans of boiling water to melt the stuff and fewer messy pans).
And they are gorgeous.  A real chocolate hit!  I have blogged about them too, on Teacher's Recipes.

And between all that I managed to keep the kitchen tidy and do two lots of washing.
So, aches or no aches, it wasn't such a bad day really, was it?

I didn't cook the mince yesterday so will need to do that today and intend to use Thermione and the reverse function so I can just bung it in and leave it to do its own thing.

Today, being Sunday, is 'Beth round' day and I reckon she will love toasties which is nice and easy to make.  There's no point doing a roast dinner for just me and I tend to ring the changes on Sundays anyway.


  1. How did you find your spelt loaf Joy? The HG is going fishing so it's waging, baking and a few back to back Walking Seads and my knitting for me!

  2. It rose fine, it smelled wonderful, I haven't cut it yet as I have another loaf half used. I bet it is scrummy though. I'll let you know.
    J x