Saturday, 12 March 2016


Good morning and welcome to Saturday.  It is only just past six o'clock and already it is getting light.  Lovely!  I'm hoping for sun today.  Yesterday was gloriously bright and sunny after a freezing start and it really does cheer ones spirits, doesn't it, not to mention drying the washing nicely?

Yesterday happened more or less as planned.  I didn't quite finish the dolls' blankets but I only have loose ends to sew in and a border to finish so I'm nearly there.

The cleaners came and went and I now have a clean and reasonably tidy home (just don't mention the b*dr**m, OK?).

In the evening I started a loaf - just an ordinary one with a fifth strong flour and four fifths plain flour.  I mixed the flour with some of the water and then popped it in the fridge overnight.  This morning I made up the dough and you wouldn't believe the stretch in it - amazing for so little strong flour.  Maybe autolysis is the way to go - must try that on a 100% plain flour loaf and see.

There's a simple description of autolysis here, if you're interested.

Anyway, technical stuff aside, I now have a rather nice, stretchy dough gently rising.

I haven't done anything much with the sourdough this week and it's been chilling in the fridge but this morning I took it out, stirred it up, kept a bit and fed it and the rest is in the discard bowl for crumpets, I think.  I fancy a crumpet for breakfast!

As well as the bread, I have other culinary stuff to be getting on with.  I have guests next week and I want to make a lasagne for one of the meals and get it into the freezer.  I think I will make the pasta as I have eggs to use up and I will use what's left to make spag bol for dinner tonight.

Then there's the washing - dried on the line, I sincerely hope, weather permitting.

Apart from that, I intend to take things easy as I've had short sleeps the last two nights.  Not bad sleeps, just shorter than usual, so I'm feeling a bit weary.

Today's food
B:  bacon, egg and a crumpet
L:  broccoli soup, bread, fruit or yogurt
D:  spag bol, side salad, fruit or yogurt

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