Sunday, 20 March 2016


Hello, gentle readers.  Welcome to the first day of Spring!

Sadly, it's yet another dull, gloomy morning but around here, chez Clark, life is warm and shiny, whatever the weather is doing the other side of the glass and brickwork!

Mind you, I'm a bit muggy headed after yesterday evening's little indulgence.  Oh, OK, so I got a bit tiddly but it was all in a good cause.  Some fantastic news came through about something that I have been seriously worried about for a little while, something that might have had some fairly drastic repercussions on my family.  Without going into too much detail because it isn't appropriate, I am thrilled that Alex has been 'awarded' (strange work to use in the circumstances but there you go) PIP at the enhanced rate plus mobility allowance.

Of course, I had to celebrate!  Oh, yes, I did!

Apart from that piece of great news, I made some 'quick' and easy bread rolls.  The (comparatively) quick was achieved by cutting out the first rise and it worked very well.  I baked them in Handy Andy (halogen oven) as I didn't want to turn on the oven for such a small amount.

Also, having googled and found a likely looking pattern online, I made a little waistcoat for a two year old, just to try it out.  There were some tricky bits, mainly tricky because of my lack of recent experience, but it looks rather cute and could be made reversible.  I'm just doing the hand sewing now bit will take a photo when it is finished.

Today, much of the morning will be spent making a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings.  The beef will be slow roasted (apologies to those who like it pink) because that's how we prefer it!  It means I was able to get a less expensive joint.  I will add some red wine and veg to the dish so the resulting stock should be great.

Then, after lunch, I hope to finish off the big waistcoat that we have made to order.  I have ideas for more but need orders as they are big things whereas the little ones don't take so much time or effort!

Today's menu
B:  The sourdough starter is being most energetic so it has to be pikelets with poached egg followed by an apple.
L:  roast beef with the trimmings, nice ice cream.
T:  something involving cold beef, I expect.


  1. Congratulations on the award I understand the reason to celebrate. These sorts of things are a bureaucratic nightmare.

  2. They are and also they are emotionally sapping and a dreadful worry all round.
    J x