Friday, 18 March 2016


Good morning, everyone.  I hope you slept well and are feeling bright and breezy this morning.  It's been a chilly night (again) and I'm in dressing gown and slippers, despite the heating being on.

We had a wonderful time at Hyde Hall yesterday.  Just look at that sky!  Wall to wall sunshine although there was a chilly wind and we were glad of our warm coats.

After a gentle and slow start to the day we arrived just in time for lunch - leek and potato soup with bread or a cheese scone (I had walnut bread which I love) followed by a gentle saunter up to the top and an equally gentle wander round.  There were a lot of empty spaces, of course, but the daffodils were glorious and the blossoms were opening.
I took a lot of my usual type of snapshot - close ups of flowers - and will post them separately but here's one to be getting on with!

How sunshiney is this, eh?
After arriving home, SOME of us went to sleep for a while after which it was time to go to the Hare for dinner.  Nice food, great company.  What more is there to say really?

Today my visitors depart and I have a day of peace and quiet.  There will be sheets to wash, washing to iron and I must sort out some of the freezer contents.  I have a lot of carrots to use up so need to hunt for creative recipes.  I can shop and freeze some, make a carrot salad for lunch and make some carrot muffins but if anyone has any other ideas, please do say.  Also I'm nearly out of marmalade so will be making some more (from a tin, cheat that I am).  Some to keep and some to give away!

Today's food:
B:  Toast and marmalade, apple
L:  Ham salad, yogurt
D:  Chicken and veg pasta, fruit.

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